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5 Smart Marketing Strategies to Boost Investor Confidence and Thrive Under Their Scrutiny

Many investors think of marketing as more of a function to build brand awareness than to generate leads and sales — but it does both. Here's how to get your investors on board with your marketing plan.

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Why Investors With an Entrepreneurial Past Are Crucial to Startup Success

When we hear an investor saying, "Think like a startup," what does it mean?

Growing a Business

If You Want to Grow Your Startup and Value, Nurture These 3 Stakeholder Relationships

These are the relationships startup founders should prioritize to enhance their growth, brand value and overall valuation.

Thought Leaders

How to Know Which Investors to Let Into Your Inner Circle

For startup founders, it can be hard to determine which investors to keep as close advisors and which ones fit better as more passive players. What founders choose here can make all the difference, so it's important to get it right.

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3 Secret Growth Metrics That Matter Most To Investors

Don't misjudge what they're looking for -- it could mean missing out on a potential match.

Business News

An Activist Investor Is Trying to Oust Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Elliott Management, led by billionaire Paul Singer, could take aim at Twitter as an activist investor and push co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey out of the company.


Building An Investment Culture In The MENA Region

Five tips for entrepreneurs raising funds in the region (and beyond).

Thought Leaders

The 'I'm My Own Boss' Myth Humbles Many an Entrepreneur

That misconception does not comport with startup reality. But by adopting the right mindset, you can come to terms with how many bosses you really have.


How Can Entrepreneurs Deal with Nosy Investors

Some investors interfere too much in the day-to-day operations, giving the entrepreneur no space

Growth Strategies

From Founder to Funder: How his Experiences Prompted This Entrepreneur to Become a VC

As a serial entrepreneur for decades, he realized that there was serious dearth of mentors who would help founders with funds and right guidance


How To Find Right Investor For Your Startup

Always remember a wrong match may provide to be completely detrimental for your business.


How Investors Judge Startups Before Investing

Know must know these basics to get that right investor for you startup


3 Reasons To Be Personal With Your Pitch To Investors

There is a time and a place (and at certain companies) where it makes sense to create a personal connection with your audience.

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Whiskey War: This High-Flying Entrepreneur Is Now Facing the Fight of His Life

WhistlePig founder Raj Peter Bhakta may lose his whiskey farm to the very investors that helped it grow.

Growth Strategies

When Stakes Are High – For Startups And Investors

Here are a few tips for investors to keep in mind when they meet teams they have never encountered before.