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The Latino entrepreneur who caught the attention of Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter

Colombian fintech Movii becomes Square's first investment in Latin America.

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Musk, Dorsey Make Fun of Newest Internet Buzzword

The two riffed on Twitter about the future of Web3.


Musk y Dorsey se burlan de la última palabra de moda en Internet

Los dos comentaron en Twitter sobre el futuro de Web3.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Expected to Step Down, Sources Say

Activist investor Paul Singer has questioned whether Dorsey should lead both Twitter and Square, saying he should leave his CEO position at one company or the other.


Se espera que el CEO de Twitter, Jack Dorsey, renuncie, dicen las fuentes

El inversor activista Paul Singer ha cuestionado si Dorsey debería liderar tanto Twitter como Square, diciendo que debería dejar su puesto de director ejecutivo en una empresa u otra.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Can Anything Be an NFT? Here's What You Need to Know.

A tweet, a song and an art piece walk into the blockchain and ask for some mints.


¿Puede cualquier cosa ser una NFT? Esto es lo que necesita saber.

Un tweet, una canción y una obra de arte entran en la cadena de bloques y piden algunas mentas.

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Twitter's Jack Dorsey Caught Tweeting During Congressional Hearing

Jack Dorsey caught tweeting in front of House committee amid allegations of misinformation and extremism on his platform.

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Congress Questioned Big Tech CEOs for 5 Hours Without Getting Any Good Answers

Congress is ready to regulate Big Tech. They just have to agree on how.

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Jack Dorsey Sells First Tweet for $2.9M

The proceeds were converted to Bitcoin and donated to charity.

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Jack Dorsey Explains Why Square Just Bought a Majority Stake in Tidal

The financial company founded by Twitter's CEO takes control of Jay-Z's music streaming service.

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Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey Launch a Bitcoin Development Fund

It's starting in Africa and India, even though the latter plans to ban cryptocurrency.

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Jack Dorsey Slammed Proposed US Cryptocurrency Laws As 'Nonsensical'

The Twitter Founder's open letter comes three months after he invested $50 million in Bitcoin.

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Jack Dorsey's $15 Million Helps Expand on Universal Basic Income Pilot Program

Universal basic income and they just received huge backing from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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Twitter Promises to Better Explain Why Certain Things Are Trending

Baffled by Twitter's trending topics section? The company plans to make it easier to see why a person, place or thing is showing up on everyone's feed.