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Jack Dorsey Says It Will Soon Be 'Impossible to Tell' if Deepfakes Are Real: 'Like You're in a Simulation'

Dorsey said we will "not know what is real and what is fake" in the next five to 10 years.

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Jack Dorsey Says Social Media Has an Algorithm Problem, and Elon Musk Agrees: 'We Are Being Programmed'

"The public square cannot be owned by one company," Dorsey said. "The public square, by default, is the Internet."

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Jack Dorsey Explains Bluesky Exit: 'Literally Repeating All the Mistakes We Made' at Twitter

Dorsey left the Bluesky board and deleted his account earlier this week.

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Jack Dorsey Announces His Departure from Bluesky on X, Calls Elon Musk's Platform 'Freedom Technology'

Dorsey helped fund and promote the rival social media platform.

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Jack Dorsey Showed Up to the Super Bowl Rocking a 'Satoshi' T-Shirt

Dorsey, who sat in a luxury suite with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, partnered with the rapper in 2021 to form Btrust, a non-profit created to support Bitcoin development in Africa and India.

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Jack Dorsey Blasts Mark Zuckerberg Over Threads Follow Request: 'Too Soon'

Dorsey co-founded Twitter back in 2006.

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India Threatened To Shut Down Twitter, Says Jack Dorsey

Responding to Dorsey's allegation, the minister of state for electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, "His comments are an outright lie"

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'Should Have Walked Away': Jack Dorsey Says 'It All Went South' After Elon Musk Took Over Twitter

"All we can do now is build something to avoid that ever happening again," Dorsey wrote.


Bluesky, la nueva red social descentralizada de Jack Doresy, ya está disponible para algunos usuarios

Desde la llegada de Elon Musk a Twitter, usuarios han buscado nuevas alternativas y Bluesky podría ser la ganadora.


Tras el despido de 3,700 empleados Twitter les pide a algunos de ellos que vuelvan

Elon Musk los despidió y ahora Twitter los quiere de vuelta. Al menos eso es lo que múltiples reportes indican.


Jack Dorsey, ex CEO de Twitter, pide perdón por los despidos masivos en la red social

Uno de los fundadores de la red social se disculpó y se responsabilizó por la situación en la que la empresa se encuentra.


Bluesky: Jack Dorsey abraza el futuro de internet con una nueva red social descentralizada

Uno de los fundadores de Twitter ha anunciado la versión beta de la plataforma que promete revolucionar al mundo de las redes sociales y al internet.