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Kevin O'Leary Says This Is a 'Huge Red Flag' When He's Looking at Resumes

The "Shark Tank" star took to X to share his opinions on job hopping — and how long you should really stay in a job.

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These Are 2 'Stupid' Ways That People Waste $15,000 Every Year, Kevin O'Leary Says: 'Are You an Idiot?'

"Mr. Wonderful" doesn't mince words when it comes to saving money.

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Kevin O'Leary Says 'Bidenomics' Is 'Bad' for Small Businesses, Only 'Focused on the Big Guys'

In an interview with Fox's "Outnumbered" this week, the "Shark Tank" star slammed the Biden Administration's economic policies.

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Kevin O'Leary Says Here's Where to Put Your Money Right Now: 'Go Where People Hate It'

The "Shark Tank" star says the energy sector is "looking golden" when it comes to the latest investment trends.

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'It's Incredible...I Can't Believe I'm Holding It': Kevin O'Leary Cries in New Instagram Video

Mr. Wonderful is in love with a watch, and he doesn't care who knows it.

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Kevin O'Leary Says This Is the 'Safest Place on Earth' to Keep Your Money After FTX Crypto Crash

The 'Shark Tank' star was a spokesperson and investor in the now-bankrupt FTX crypto exchange.

Starting a Business

How Shark Tank Is Revolutionizing Business School

Swimming with the sharks makes perfect sense in our evolving corporate world.


4 'Shark Tank' Stars on How to Shake Hands Like You Mean Business

The celebrity investors have a firm grip on how to seal the deal. Never be limp, awkward or, the worst, sweaty, and be sure to make this one key connection.

Thought Leaders

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: Having Dyslexia Is a 'Superpower' in Business

The multi-millionaire mutual funds magnate sees the learning difference as a 'gift,' not an affliction.

Data & Recovery

This Video Doorbell Lets You Answer Your Door With Your Smartphone

Richard Branson didn't care that Ring tanked on Shark Tank. He invested millions anyway.