Photo of Magic Leap AR Prototype Leaks Out, Backpack and All

Obtained by Business Insider, it claims to show the company's "Product Equivalent" (PEQ) build.

Richard Lawler

Emma Watson Named in Off-Shore Panama Papers Leaks

The millennial Harry Potter actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador name has come as a surprise for fans worldwide

Rustam Singh

Private Details of 93.4 Millions Mexicans is Leaked Online!

Are the private details from your Aadhar Card safe with the government or are they prone to hacks?

Rustam Singh

Here's Zomato's Quirky Twist to the infamous Panama Paper Leaks

Zomato's PR and social media teams have really stepped up their humour level with such a clever pun!

Rustam Singh

50 Million Turkish Citizens Leak Raises Doubts of Aadhar System's Security

Personal data of 50 million Turkish citizens leaked online – could the Aadhar System also fall victim next?

Rustam Singh

Here's What We Can Expect if Apple Adopts an OLED screen in iPhone 7

Rumour has it Apple may be finally ditching the LCD screen and adopting an OLED screen instead - here's why that's good news

Rustam Singh

Your Smart Phone Might be Leaking Your Business Information

From your location to the timing of your photographs, your smartphone is an easy target for ads and hackers. Here's how to block that.

Rustam Singh

Sometimes Hackers Just Want to Embarrass You

The fallout for a cyber attack can include a major hit to a company's reputation. Be proactive on the public-relations front.

Eric Basu