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3 LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Share How Being Out and Proud Fuels Their Business

The courage that comes with being queer is also an important ingredient in entrepreneurship.


Empleados LGBTQ de Pixar acusan a Disney de censurar las muestras de afecto entre personas del mismo sexo

La respuesta de la empresa ante la propuesta "Don't Say Gay" enfada a los empleados de la compañía.


3 emprendedores LGBTQ comparten cómo estar fuera y orgullosos impulsa su negocio

El coraje que conlleva ser queer también es un ingrediente importante en el espíritu empresarial.


Here are 4 Proven Strategies to Champion LGBTQIA+ Beyond Pride, All Year Long

Every June, organizations and corporations recognize Pride by hanging up rainbows, changing logos and making donations, but support for the LGBTQIA+ community shouldn't stop there.


Ahora puedes elegir a Boy George para darte indicaciones en Waze. ¡Feliz mes del orgullo!

Acelera tus bromas de car-ma camaleón, configura tu control de crucero en los 80, etc. El ícono pop LGBTQ se ha unido a la aplicación de asistencia a la conducción preferida de Estados Unidos.

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You Can Now Choose Boy George to Give You Directions on Waze. Happy Pride Month!

Rev up your car-ma chameleon jokes, set your cruise control in the 80s, etc. The LGBTQ pop icon has joined forces with America's preferred driving-assistance app.


Cómo evitar el lavado de arco iris en sus esfuerzos de marketing del orgullo

Logotipo del arco iris: comprobar. Esto es lo que debe considerar.


How To Avoid Rainbow-Washing In Your Pride Marketing Efforts

Rainbow logo: check. Here's what else you should consider.

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StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index to Help Quantify Value of LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

The advocacy group has partnered with Chase and think tank Socos Labs on new initiative meant to underscore the innovation and revenue-generation all founders can bring to the table.


This Is What LGBTQ Customers Actually Want to See During Pride Month

We command $3.7 trillion in market share and want to see more than a rainbow logo in 2020.

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The Supreme Court's Ruling on LGBTQ+ Workplace Protections Could Help Revitalize the Entire Economy

A conversation with StartOut executive director Andres Wydler on how the landmark decision is the beginning of a new era in inclusive innovation.

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Supreme Court Rules That Federal Law Barring Sex Discrimination in Employment Applies to LGBTQ Individuals

The decision will have wide-ranging impacts on all entrepreneurs and workers.

Money & Finance

7 Helpful Financing Options for LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs

Discrimination and disadvantages have been the norm, but that is beginning to change.

Growing a Business

The Story Behind the Nation's First Standalone LGBTQ+ Accelerator, Which Graduates Its 20th Startup Today

StartOut Growth Lab is billed as the first standalone, brick-and-mortar accelerator focusing entirely on LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.