Nick Wolny

Editor, Journalist, Consultant

A self-described “editorial mutt,” Nick Wolny is an editor, journalist and marketing consultant of seven years. He writes and edits about money, business, technology, LGBTQ life and how they intertwine. Learn more at

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Forget Pride Month. Here's When You Should Actually Be Marketing to LGBTQ Consumers.

Rising censorship efforts and pride month saturation are hurting the queer economy. How brands behave now can help win market share for years to come.

Thought Leaders

3 LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Share How Being Out and Proud Fuels Their Business

The courage that comes with being queer is also an important ingredient in entrepreneurship.


Cómo crear un imán de prospectos que la gente realmente quiera descargar

Cuando finalmente alinees tu lead magnet con la psicología de tus lectores, tu audiencia crecerá como un reguero de pólvora.


How To Create A Lead Magnet People Actually Want To Download

When you finally align your lead magnet with the psychology of your readers, your audience will grow like wildfire.

Thought Leaders

Why Every LGBTQ Person Should Learn This Skill

Queer people need tools to take their careers into their own hands if they so choose.

Iniciar un negocio

Por qué toda persona LGBTQ debería aprender esta habilidad

Las personas queer necesitan herramientas para tomar sus propias carreras en sus propias manos si así lo desean.

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