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Magician, Entrepreneur, Author: This Young Talent Is a Heady Cocktail

As an award-winning magician, magic coach, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Oscar Owen has forged an exciting career from his lifelong passion

Ritesh Roy

This Simple Brain Hack Will Help You Achieve All Your Goals

No, this isn't a pill that will make you invincible, but rather a mental discipline that will improve your efficiency and garner success.

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Clear Your Mind and Be Your Most Productive Self

Most of us have experienced a mental block at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) time. Let's explore the signs of experiencing one and a few helpful hints to get rid of it.

Why Slowing Down Will Get You Farther

Like running a marathon, no person — or business — can sustain the same rapid pace without slowing down or taking a break.

Ryan McGrath

4 Hacks for Leveraging Your Best Self to Grow Your Business

Starting a business for the first time is exciting but also scary. Here are four life hacks I wish I'd known sooner to grow my business by taking care of myself first.

Jon Giegengack

The First Step to Creating Healthy Habits Is Smaller Than You Think

We will never wake up one morning and suddenly be the person we've always wanted to be. Changing our habits takes repeated, daily effort.

Daniel Todd

How to Retrain Your Brain and Achieve the Highest Levels of Success

Training your brain for success doesn't need to be hard. Here's the key to unlocking your ultimate potential.

How to Create a Mindset That Fuels Your Growth and Gets You What You Want

Your brain is a muscle, and like the other muscles in our bodies, we can train it to be imaginative again and get what we want. Here's how.

Dave Conway

4 Strategies for Better Focusing That Will Salvage Your Busy Day

Having a busy day is old news for an entrepreneur — let's discuss how we can improve our productivity through focus.

Ivan Popov

Choose Your Words Carefully to Transform Your Mindset (and Your Success)

All too often, our words lay the foundation for our success or our failure in life. Managing our language deliberately and with intention can have dramatic impacts on our lives.

3 Ways to Overcome Adversity and Succeed in Life

Entrepreneurs can't afford to let challenging times get them down. Here are three essential ways to survive and thrive through adversity.

Milind Pant