¡Alerta! Apple advierte a usuarios de 92 países sobre ataques cibernéticos

La compañía tecnológica busca incrementar la seguridad en sus dispositivos, aunque reconoce que estos tienen vulnerabilidades.

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5 Things Successful Businesses Do to Fight Cybercrime

Join us for this free webinar and learn how to better protect your business from the ever-present threats of bad actors online.

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India Among Top 3 Sources Of IoT Malware: Microsoft Report

While conducting a research to analyse 2022 threat data across the world, the IT major found out that largest share of IoT malware, which is around 38 per cent according to the report, originates from China's large network footprint

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8 Ways You Can Make Your Mac More Secure Right Now

With data breaches and malware attacks becoming more and more common, check out these simple steps to help keep your data secure.


Google prohíbe docenas de aplicaciones que contienen software de recolección de datos ilícitos

Se descubrió que todo, desde el clima hasta las aplicaciones de oración, contenía un código oculto que podía recopilar la ubicación, la dirección de correo electrónico, el número de teléfono y más de un usuario.

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Google Bans Dozens of Apps Containing Illicit Data-Harvesting Software

Everything from the weather to prayer apps were found to contain hidden code that could harvest a user's location, email address, phone number and more.


Executive Cyber Protection Is the Key to Keeping Your Company Safe

Cybersecurity is essential for the success of any business, and it's important to start at the top – with the c-suite. Here's why.

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3 Cybersecurity Measures to Ensure Safety in 2021

SMBs are under attack, and these tips can keep the hackers at bay.

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Why Small Businesses Must Deal With Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Be proactive. Stay informed. Take action.

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5 Best Practices for Remaining Malware-Free

Your bottom line depends on a secure network.

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Laptop Full of Malware Sells for $1.3 Million

It's an art piece containing six pieces of malware responsible for $95 billion worth of damage, and it just sold at auction for $1.345 million.

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Is Your Computer Being Held Hostage? What to Do.

Ransomware attacks happen more than you think. Back up your files; renew your security plan and take on those hackers.


Best Practices for IIOT Cybersecurity Startups

A smart IIOT Startup has all of their security norms and policies in the right place and works accordingly for the prevention of any kind of malware attacks

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6 Signs Your WordPress Site Is Compromised

Sluggish loading times? Redirects to other sites? These red flags need your attention now to protect your company's information and reputation in the weeks ahead.


How Secure Is Your Android Device For A Digital Transaction?

There are more the 2 billion active Android devices, making it by far the largest operating system in the world