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The Accountant Shortage Is So Bad That It's Delaying Key Reports at Companies Like Tupperware

Accountant staffing issues are becoming an operational headache with no signs of abating.


Branding in a 'Barbie' World — How to Harness the Power of Your Brand

With the success of "Barbie" at the box office, will Mattel continue to capitalize on their toy brands?

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A New 'EcoWarrior' Barbie Is Making Headlines. But It Turns Out It Was All a Hoax.

The fake Barbie was perpetrated by climate change activists using a phony website and press release — and it worked.

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Gap Poaches Top Mattel Exec as Its New CEO in a Bid to Boost Declining Sales

Richard Dickson was hired for his expertise in brand transformation.

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The 'Barbie' Movie May Have Caused A Global Pink Paint Shortage

The long-anticipated film is slated to hit theaters later this summer.


El mundo se está quedando sin pintura color rosa fosforescente y Barbie tiene la culpa

La producción de la película inspirada por la muñeca más famosa del mundo tuvo una consecuencia inesperada: la falta de pintura rosa de esta marca.

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She Was Google's 16th Employee and YouTube's CEO for 25 Years. Now, She Is Getting Her Own Barbie Doll and So Are Her Sisters.

Susan Wojcicki is one of the seven women, including her sisters Anne and Janet, to be honored with their own Barbie dolls for International Women's Day.


SpaceX, la empresa de exploración espacial de Elon Musk, tendrá su propia línea de juguetes

Mattel comenzará a producir los nuevos juguetes que saldrán a la venta en 2023 buscando inspirar a la próxima generación de exploradores espaciales.


Everything You Need to Know About the Google Exec Who Will Lead Mattel

The toy company is getting its third CEO in two years.


Vice President Barbie Still Available to Run in 2016

Let's make playtime great again.

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Mattel Introduces New Body Types for Barbie

Tall, curvy and petite toys are now available so girls can 'find a doll that speaks to them.'

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Mattel, Quirky Partner Up to Crowdsource New Toys for Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price

Users can now submit ideas for toys, games, baby gear and preschool products that will carry the toy giant's iconic monikers.

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Not Toying Around, Mattel Ousts CEO

Just weeks ahead of Toyfair 2015, Bryan G. Stockton resigns as chairman and CEO of the toy-making giant.