This Indian Start-Up Is Using AI To Monitor COVID-19 Progression In Patients

Mumbai-based has a software that scans a chest X-Ray in about a minute and provides details about whether a patient was getting better as a result of the treatments administered.

Debroop Roy

This Entrepreneur Is Changing the Face Of Cancer Treatment In India

Dr. Manjiri Bakre is the founder of OncoStem Diagnostics, a Bengaluru-based start-up that has developed a test to help women with a certain kind of breast cancer be diagnosed and given the right kind of treatment.

Debroop Roy

Doctor Driven Innovation: How MedTech Players are Transforming the Indian Healthcare Sector

India continues to import over 75% of medical devices and this is how it needs to change

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4 Ways How Startups are Solving Challenges Plaguing Indian Healthcare

From diagnosis to monitoring, to treatment, to end of life support, MedTech touches all aspects of patient care

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MedTech in India: Start-ups Solving the Country's Healthcare Woes

Here's how startup culture is a boon For MedTech industry in India but still a long way to go

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