These are all the games that will come to Meta Quest 2 in the remainder of the year

With an immersive experience, they are a clear example of the direction in which the video game industry is headed.

Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict Facebook and Instagram loosen some restrictions on hate speech

Following the block on Meta's social media activities, the company unveils some adjustments to its hate message policies.

Texas Is Suing Meta for Billions of Dollars

In the lawsuit, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton wrote Facebook's 'illegal and deceptive conduct did not end with its users.'

Chloe Arrojado

What's Behind Facebook's Rebranding? It Depends Who You Ask.

If it seems like Facebook is everywhere, that's because it is. Not only has the social media platform become inextricably woven into our lives and connections, but the company itself has been the story.