La inteligencia artificial que demostró su potencial jugando Minecraft

Un equipo de expertos desarrolló un programa que es capaz de superar diferentes niveles del videojuego Minecraft.


¿Por qué le ha dicho Minecraft que no a los NFT's y tecnología blockchain dentro del juego?

Te explicamos por qué Mojang, la desarrolladora del videojuego, rechaza de manera tajante el uso de NFT's dentro del popular mundo abierto de construcción que ha cautivado a millones de jugadores.


La inteligencia artificial de OpenAI ya es capaz de jugar Minecraft de manera independiente

El sistema aprendió a jugar tras ver 70 horas de videos en YouTube.

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Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Tea Today -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: More than 30 million Twitter accounts were possibly hacked.

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Microsoft Using Minecraft to Teach its AI to Learn

'The things that seem really easy for us are actually the things that are really difficult for an artificial intelligence,' researcher says.

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Microsoft Will Soon Spawn a Classroom Edition of Minecraft

Brick by brick, the tech giant plans to cash in on the game's popularity with educators and students.

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How the Latest Fake Minecraft App Reached No. 4 on the iTunes Charts and Then Disappeared

It was just one of dozens of malicious scam apps that copycat the wildly popular block-building adventure game.

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Watch Microsoft's Eye-Popping Hololens Demo Using Minecraft

Hold your pickaxe, partner. Microsoft just blew Minecraft clear out of the sandbox. Way out.

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Here's What Oculus Just Revealed at Its Much-Anticipated Press Event

Big news about partnerships and hand controllers, but still no word on a release date or a concrete price point.

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Lego Has Finally Created a Minecraft Competitor

The new game, Lego Worlds, is available for beta download now.

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Get Ready for Microsoft to Rev Up the Global Minecraft Machine

Can a kids' game turn the ailing tech giant around?

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Here's How One Tweet Led to Microsoft Buying Minecraft for $2.5 Billion

Social media can change the entire course of your company's future.

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Microsoft Pushes Toward Virtual Reality With Hologram Headset

The tech company unveiled plans for a prototype visor that can bring the Minecraft video game, Skype calls and more to 3-D life.


'Game Guru' of Candy Crush Saga Leaves King Digital to Found New Gaming Startup

King's social games and mobile lead developer is parting ways with the company to launch a startup focused on virtual reality.

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What Minecraft Is Teaching Your Kids About Money

If your kids are chattering non-stop about things like emeralds, pickaxes and creepers, you may have a unique opportunity to turn a video game addiction into a life lesson about money.