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Success Starts When You Let Go of These Entrepreneurial Myths

Whether you're preparing to launch your first business or you've been an entrepreneur for a while, don't fall for the following founder fables.

Growing a Business

3 Lies We Need to Stop Telling Ourselves About Work

I analyzed hundreds of Americans professional stories, over six years. Here's what I learned.

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Don't Let These Myths About Entrepreneurship Hold You Back

If you or someone in your life has been thinking about starting a business, now is the time. Debunk the myths and get started today.


Don't Let These 11 Job Interview Myths Stop You From Getting Hired

The interview process is constantly changing — adapting to current employee-employer trends. Here's our latest list of what you should keep in mind the next time you are interviewed (or interviewing).

Growing a Business

6 Business Leaders Reveal the Worst Entrepreneurial Advice They Hear All the Time

We asked six CEO and founders to tell us the "conventional wisdom" they most disagree with. Here is a collection of what we've heard.

Growing a Business

Debunking the 5 Myths of Hybrid Work

There's a slew of misinformation about remote and hybrid work floating around. If you don't separate fact from fiction, your company's future is bleak.


Good (and Bad) Branding Advice That Can Make (or Break) Your Success

Not all advice about branding is worth listening to, but how do you differentiate between the good and the bad?

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3 Myths About PR That Are Hurting Your Brand's Success

Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry with PR: debunking the myths and discovering the true potential of this powerful marketing tool.

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60-Second Business Tips: Myths of Entrepreneurship

Business development consultant Terry Rice de-mystifies starting a small business.


3 Inbound Marketing Myths You Can't Afford to Overlook

These common myths can stifle your business before you even get started. But don't fear — there are solutions!


A Pervasive Myth Employers Believe That Is Hurting Their Remote Workforce

Bosses are showing deep-rooted mistrust of their employees — but is it founded?


Busting the Myths of Franchising

It's important to balance challenges with something personally meaningful.

Thought Leaders

4 Myths About Entrepreneurship You Need to Stop Believing

Your sky-high expectations are hurting your chances of success.

Starting a Business

Exposing the Top Three Myths About Successful Startups

Why success doesn't depend on your business idea, the quality of your product or your startup capital.

Starting a Business

5 Reasons You Should Not Aspire to Building a Massive, Multibillion Dollar Empire

It's time to debunk the myth that the most successful people in the business world look like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg.