NASA Wants Your Ideas for Habitats on Mars

The agency issued a call for proposals this week.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft and NASA Team Up to Take You on a Tour of Mars

Visitors to Kennedy Space Center will be able to take a mixed reality tour of the planet this summer.
Space Travel

Could This Inflatable Habitat Be the Future of Space Tourism?

Bigelow Aerospace's space habitat is set to be delivered to the ISS next week.
Start Up Your Day

Uber Will Pay Hackers Up to $10,000 to Find Bugs in Its Technology-- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: For the first time in the U.S., streaming music is bringing in more revenue than downloads.
Innovation Now

NASA Turns to Small Businesses for Advances in Space Travel

More than a 100 proposals worth over $100 million were chosen through the agency's Small Business Innovation Research program.

Check Out the First Email Sent From Space

The message was sent from an old MAC computer in 1991.

International Space Station Crew Returns Home Today. See Photos of Their Year in Space

A look back at astronaut Scott Kelly's time spent living on the International Space Station.

NASA Challenges High Schoolers to Make a Meal Fit for an Astronaut

The second annual HUNCH Culinary Challenge asks teen chefs to cook up a dish to be served on the International Space Station.

NASA Building Telescope 100 Times More Powerful Than Hubble

The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope will be used to find far flung planets and to better understand dark energy.

Look Hard, Stargazers: There May Be a 9th Planet in Our Solar System

'It was probably the runt of the family,' astronomer says of the mysterious Planet Nine.

Boldly Growing Where No Flower Has Grown Before

ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly takes to Twitter to showcase the first flower grown in space.

3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From NASA About Organizational Design

How to transform a disconnected pack of competitive employees into a single, unified team to accomplish the extraordinary.

A Former SpaceX Employee Is Launching a New Generation of Footwear

Will astronaut-designed shoe be a small step or a giant leap for woman-kind?

Do You Have the Right Stuff? NASA Is Looking for Astronaut Candidates.

The application process is opening up for the first time since 2012.