Operations & Logistics

On-Demand Courier Services: The Next Big Thing in Logistics?

On-demand courier services and last-mile delivery saw tremendous growth in the last few years.



With the aim to enable a drive-thru economy for all, Drivu is a business where the food is prepared by independent restaurants or coffee shops, and picked up by you as a customer.


This Is How Conversational AI Is Helping Businesses

Conversational AI enables AI technologies such as chatbots to interact with users in a human-like manner. By linking the rift between human and computer speech, it creates communication between the two simple and realistic


Get the Coffee You Love as Often as You Need It

Trade Coffee is a personalized, on-demand service to keep caffeine lovers stocked up with the brands and roasts they love.


How to Boost Leads and Create Brand Value

Over 60 per cent of marketers find generating traffic and leads to be their top challenge

Growing a Business

4 Effective Business Models That Built Billion-Dollar Companies

From software that's free to virtual goods that cost real money, all the new models have their uses.

News and Trends

Here's Why MBA Grads Have Greatest Job Growth Potential in APAC Region

The report emphasizes that the demand for MBA talent is strongest in Asia Pacific, where 90 per cent of employers plan to make MBA hires in 2018.

Growing a Business

Forget That Product You're Working On. What's Really Going to Sell in the Future Is ... Services.

"Do-it-for-me" is the next evolution of the on-demand economy.

Business News

Lincoln Debuts Uber-Like Service, But With Your Own Car

The chauffeur program will launch in select cities.

Growth Strategies

On-Demand Home Services - #3 Important Growth Strategies You Need to Know

You've got to understand your customers very well - HOusejoy CEO Saran Chatterjee

Employee Experience & Recruiting

5 Job Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Glassdoor makes its predictions about the year ahead.

Business News

Silicon Valley VCs Are Growing Wary of On-Demand Delivery

Many investors have lost faith in a sector that once seemed like the obvious extension of the success of ride-services juggernauts such as Uber.

Thought Leaders

This Fast-Growing Startup Wants to Make Visiting the Convenience Store Obsolete

Imagine snacks at your door in 10 minutes or less.

Business News

How to Prepare for Uber as Your Potential Competitor

Niche marketplaces are already following Uber's model. But that doesn't mean these companies shouldn't worry once Uber brings its vast resources and funding to their category.

Science & Technology

The 'Internet of Things' Is Steering the On-Demand Economy. Want to Be a Part of It?

Here are three ways that, as an entrepreneur, you can jump into the hot, hot IoT.