8 Traits of Outstanding People

Outstanding isn't something a person has, it is something a person does.


Bill Gates Hopes His New Favorite Book Will Turn You Into an Optimist

Apparently the world is actually getting better.

Starting a Business

When Optimism Kills

Entrepreneurs tend to depend on optimism in the same way that fish depend on water. It's absolutely crucial for survival. In fact, it's arguably the single most important character trait that a successful entrepreneur can have, but it also has a dark side…


How to Wire & Condition Yourself for Entrepreneurship

A lot about entrepreneurship is diving into a deep sea and not really knowing what is going to happen next

Growing a Business

To Be Successful Stay Far Away From These 7 Types of Toxic People

You need a network of talented people, not toxic personalities who undermine you.


Seeing the Big Picture When Business Gets Slow

Good advice can come from unexpected sources.

Thought Leaders

You Can Reprogram Yourself to Be a Positive Person and You Should

Rational optimists are much more in touch with reality than chronic pessimists.


What Are the Traits That Make You Resilient?

They might not be what you might think.

Starting a Business

Why Entrepreneurs Don't Need Business Experience to Start Their Own Company

Shaun Neff never had a full-time job before he started his company, and it worked out okay for him.

Money & Finance

These Countries Are the Most Optimistic About the Global Economy

The United States is not at the top of the list.


Harnessing #3 Simple Self-improvement Techniques

Self improvement is largely about fostering positive vibes in our lives and sharing our unique gifts with others

Growth Strategies

14 Habits Every Successful Individual Possesses

Individuals who succeed or perceive success, in the long run, are inclined to obtain several habits that contribute to their advancement.


25 Inspirational Quotes From Bill Clinton on His 70th Birthday

The 42nd President of the United States celebrates his birthday on Aug. 19.

Thought Leaders

The 7 Biggest Lies We Believe About Success

Forget what you think you know about success and begin the hard work of learning the truth about it.

Thought Leaders

7 Reasons Why Too Much Optimism Is Bad for Business

As Nelson Mandela said, 'The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.'