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Next 5 Years: How Can India Seize the Opportune Moment In Semiconductors?

In this highly vying tech world, where innovations burgeon on a daily basis, understanding the growing demand in different sectors and leveraging the opportunity presented by 'China Plus One' strategy in tech manufacturing can fulfill India's aspirations to be among the world's top five semiconductor producers

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Save The Planet — and Your Dollars — By Making Your Office Gadgets Greener. Here's How.

Millions of offices around the globe need to rethink their use of electronics.

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3 Things Businesses Should Remember When Handling Used Consumer Electronics

Most businesses rely on electronic equipment, but not enough know how to handle and dispose of it properly.

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Best Buy's Getting Creative Amid Slumping Sales — But Expert Warns the Strategy Has a Major Flaw

Consumers stocked up on electronics at the start of the pandemic — and they're not interested in buying more right now.

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Why The Consumer Tech World Is Too Focused on Electronics

Companies must strive to develop tech more mindful of the environment and long-term implications.

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Mekr Raises INR 5.8 Crore In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be utilized in strengthening sales, supply chain, tech and project management team and working capital requirements

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Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage Could See 'Painful Period' Extend Into 2022: Marvell CEO

In a forecast released Sept. 23, firm AlixPartners estimated that the shortage will cost the auto industry $210 billion globally in lost revenue in 2021.


Urban Mining: An Unimaginably Valuable Mine On Earth

Electronic waste has 50 times higher concentration of precious metals than ores which are mined from Earth

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InnoVen Capital Invests INR 25 Cr In Consumer Electronics Startup boAt

boAt enjoys 20 per cent market share in earwear segment, as per data released by International Data Corporation


How To Take Care of Your Gadgets As You Work from Home Amid COVID-19

Following proper cleaning and sanitising regime for our gadgets is more than mandatory.

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This Sector in Southeast Asia Showed Growth, Even as It Slowed for Other Regions

Southeast Asians are still excited as ever about smartphone devices, a study showed

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Asia 2020: 5 Things to Watch Out for in the Consumer Sector

Consumer is going to be an interesting space to watch in 2020 as companies undertake rapid tech innovation for a piece of the buyer's wallets

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20 Anticipated Black Friday Deals You Can Buy Now

Score Black Friday savings without dealing with the chaos.

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Snag These Premium Bang & Olufsen Headphones for Nearly Half Off

Bang & Olufsen's H4 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are the premium wireless audio experience you've been waiting for.


Redefining Your Musical & Listening Experience

Know the pick of the best headphones available in the market.