Pets at Work


Keep Your Cats Happy With This $25 Automatic Toy

It moves and balances on its own so your cats can play with it for hours.


This $35 Interactive Dog Toy Could Bring Some New Customers to Your Business

And it will certainly keep your pooch entertained.


This Interactive Toy Keeps Your Pets Happy and Occupied

This fun ball can entertain your pet so you don't have to.


This Shark Tank-Funded Tool Removes Pet Hair From Fabric

If you love your pet but hate their hair everywhere, you need FurZapper.


9 Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend for National Pet Day

Show your pets the love with this sale.


Keep Your Cats Engaged While You're Working

This interactive toy is great for your feline friends.


Keep Your Pets Happy at the Office with This Interactive Ball

Pets in the office? Make sure they have an energy outlet with this toy.


Save Some Hard-Earned Cash With 10 Black Friday Specials for Pets

Black Friday deals everyone's favorite office pet will love.


Keep Your Dog Happy with a Heated Mattress for Pre-Black Friday Sale

It can be perfect for drafty offices where you're concerned your dog might get chilly.


Improve Your Pet's Life by Identifying Intolerances with This At-Home Testing Kit

This simple testing kit can help improve your pet's comfort.


Knowing Your Dog's DNA Can Help You Be a Better Owner

If you're bringing your dog to work, you need to know your dog.


A Well-Trained Dog Can be an Entrepreneur's Best Friend

Learn how to train your dog to be a better work companion.


Tips to Create the Ultimate Pet-friendly Workplace

Stock your office with affordable and functional pet-friendly products from Wild One.

Business News

It's Bring Your Dog to Work Day! What You Need to Know to Make Your Office Pet-Friendly.

Ever hear of 'paw-ternity' leave, when employees get new pets? Something new to consider for your pet-friendly office.

Growing a Business

This Company Offers 'Paw-ternity' Leave to Employees

Employees at BrewDog can enjoy a week of paid leave after getting a new dog.