Sure Thing: Shure MV7+

Thanks to its unique full-touch LED live meter display and numerous customization options, the MV7+ sets a new standard in sound quality and personalization, while also diving into a vibrant world of color.


The Podcast Industry is Changing: Hala Taha Shares Three Trends You Must Be Aware Of

Future proof your podcast and attract more sponsors

Business Solutions

Organize Your Podcasts and Audio Content with This $40 Plan

Player FM lets you organize and sync podcasts across different platforms in one place.

Green Entrepreneur®

A Deer Invasion in Hawaii Has Turned Into an Environmental Crisis—And a Sustainable Business Opportunity

How Maui Nui Venison built a for-profit harvesting business that protects the land and helps the local community.

Growing a Business

Why Podcasting Can Now Boost Your Bottom Line More than Ever

This format boasts bigger-than-ever audience size and listenership advertiser enthusiasm, and now is the time to take advantage.

Health & Wellness

How This Millionaire Investor Overcame Opioid Addiction to Become the World's Fastest Marathoner Over 50

Ken Rideout shares five invaluable lessons for achieving peak performance physically and mentally.

Growing a Business

Want to Become an Industry Leader? Be a Guest on Podcasts — But Not the Ones You Think

If you are trying to promote your new product or service, there's a simple yet effective way to stand out from the rest.

Starting a Business

'It Turned Everything Around': How This CEO Conquered His ADHD Using Brain Boosters

Dan Freed, founder and CEO of Thesis, found mental clarity with nootropics. Now, he is sharing his formulas with the world.


How to Prepare for a Podcast Appearance

Podcasts are a great vehicle for promoting yourself, your brand, and your vision. They have an expansive reach to an unlimited number of listeners and an evergreen shelf life on the web. Because they're so widespread and continually available, you'll want to make your podcast interview as effective and impactful as possible.

Growing a Business

'Success All Comes Down to Storytelling' How Chef Adrianne Calvo Is Cooking Up Big Business Through Podcasting and Social Media

The Miami-based restaurateur and content creator discusses her recipe for success in and out of the kitchen.

Growing a Business

A Podcasting Pioneer Shares His 3 Biggest Tips for Success

Bryan Barletta, CEO of Sounds Profitable, shares how companies can achieve success in podcasts.


How to Promote Your Book Through Podcast Interviews and Guest Posts

Podcast interviews and guest blog posts offer effective book promotion opportunities by allowing authors to connect with niche, invested audiences.

Business News

This Mom Started a $50,000 a Month Side Hustle After Dropping a Kindle on Her Baby's Head

The baby is fine, but Lou Rice and her husband Ben invented the Strapsicle to prevent similar unfortunate accidents.


This Why You Should Allign Yourself with the Right People

Greg Reid, the founder of Secret Knock, joins the Jeff Fenster Show to discuss the power of making connections.


Por qué todo emprendedor debería considerar comenzar un podcast

Este artículo arroja luz sobre el poder de los podcasts, particularmente para los emprendedores, detallando los pasos necesarios para lanzar un podcast exitoso.