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A Quarter of Spotify Users Now Listen to Podcasts

Spotify's user base has also grown to 345 million.

Daniel Cooper

I Changed My Brand's Name. It Was Scary But Worth It.

How to change the name of your podcast, newsletter, personal brand or anything else.

Jason Feifer

OBB Sound Strikes Deal With Audible to Produce Original Programming

OBB Sound's 'The Pursuit of Healthiness with Blake Griffin' podcast is the newest addition to Audible's line up.

13 Leadership Lessons with Wondery Founder and CEO Hernan Lopez

How this former TV executive founded the world's largest independent podcast publisher -- then sold it to Amazon.

Jason Nazar

Amazon Will Buy Wondery to Expand Its Influence in the Podcast Market

Wondery produces podcasts such as "Dirty John," "Dr. Death," Business Wars" and "The Shrink Next Door." 

5 Digital Content Types Prospective Buyers Love to Engage With Online

Is your brand in need of more online traction? You're in luck.

Soundwise Can Help for Connect Your Audio Products to Your Audience

Upload, manage, and sell your podcasts and audiobooks with ease.

What Is Open Podcasting? (And Why Is It Exploding?)

This buzzing ecosystem allows content creators to share their work with listeners everywhere.

Ross Adams

From Small Businesses to Amazon: 5 Ways to Prepare for the Social Audio Future

There should be no doubt that the future of marketing and social media will have a strong audio component.

Peter Harengel