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18 movies every entrepreneur should see (at least once)

Whatever stage you are in in your company, there is much you can learn from these tapes.

Jacek Grebski

Why is Taylor Swift re-releasing her albums? And what we can learn from this situation

Swift's story leaves us with some clear lessons that we can apply in business. Take note of the most important ones.

María Arcia

10 phrases from Mexican movies to inspire you

This November 18, the birthday of film legend Pedro Infante was celebrated and we wanted to commemorate it with some phrases from Mexican cinema that can drive you to keep going even in difficulties.

March Violante

Stress for entrepreneurship? Marilyn Monroe can help you

"If it made you happy, it doesn't count as a mistake."

Lilia Carrillo

9 movies that prove horror is the best area of opportunity to do business

Horror cinema is, in short, the area of opportunity for the entrepreneur who knows where to multiply his money or who just wants to start a business

Uriel Barco

Las Vegas auction sells Picasso works for more than $ 108 million

Eleven works by Pablo Picasso were sold, including a portrait of his lover and source of inspiration, Marie-Thérèse Walter.

Netflix signs alliance with Walmart to sell products inspired by its content

What is your favorite show? Soon you will be able to buy merchandise from your favorite show.

The Squid Game: the phone number shown in the series is real

Apparently one person has received four thousand calls a day due to the series.

TUDUM! This will be the first global event open for Netflix fans

The streaming company will show images, trailers and stars from its series at an event open to the public.

SILENCE, BRUNO! 5 lessons that 'Luca' leaves us about entrepreneurship

Look everywhere for inspiration when starting a new project ... including Pixar movies.

Lessons We Learned From The Movie 'The Intern'

Would you dare to apply for an internship to a fashion business online without knowing anything about technology?

Querido Dinero

What would 'El chavo del 8' look like in a Nintendo version

The Nintendo video game artist and designer shared his vision for the Chespirito character.

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