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(Podcast) Simpsons' Star Yeardley Smith Shares Why You Should Never Let the Pursuit of Perfection Get in the Way of Enjoying the Ride

The actress, producer and entrepreneur shares what she's learned about failure and figuring out where you thrive.


For 30 years, Yeardley Smith has been the brainy and fiercely independent voice of Lisa Simpson on the pop culture phenomenon that is the Simpsons. Outside the recording booth and the world of Springfield, Smith has launched a number of creative ventures.

Courtesy of Yeardley Smith

Since 2015, she has dedicated herself to elevating the voices of underrepresented creators as the co-founder of the production company Paperclip Limited, with her business partner Ben Cornwell. In 2017, she and her friend Zibby Allen co-created the popular true crime podcast Small Town Dicks, which hit over 2 million downloads in its first year. The fourth season of the podcast premieres on March 15.

And from 2012 to 2015, she and was the co-founder and CEO of shoe line Marchez Vous. She launched it with no experience in the industry. And while the business never made a profit, Smith says the experience showed her that nothing is ever truly a failure if you learn something from it. On this episode of How Success Happens, Smith shares the lessons she's learned from her entrepreneurial journey.

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