Jack Truong

Chief Executive

Jack Truong has 30+ years of diverse experience in leading global corporate enterprises (i.e. James Hardie, Electrolux, & 3M Company). He builds future-proof businesses that satisfy stakeholder needs & ever-changing consumer behaviors through innovation, communication, and continuous improvement.

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Why Super Bowl Commercials Are the Ultimate Marketing Play

By studying the tactics of the most impactful Super Bowl ads of the past, companies can strategize how to appeal to audiences of the future.

Growing a Business

4 Key Insights for Driving High-Performance Business — Even Amidst Economic Uncertainty

By embracing diversity, leveraging generational dynamics, addressing work-life balance, and continuously improving, companies will thrive in the present and prepare for the future — whatever it may bring.

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5 Ways to Implement Lean Principles in Your Business While Achieving Consistent Results

Lean management principles can be applied to many essential parts of a company, including production, supply chain management, customer service and administrative processes


No seas el próximo Blockbuster de tu industria: 2 maneras de ser innovador, no solo creativo

Mientras hablamos, el próximo Netflix ya está trabajando arduamente.

Growing a Business

Don't Be the Next Blockbuster of Your Industry — 2 Ways to Be Innovative, Not Just Creative

As we speak, the next Netflix is already hard at work.

Business News

Why Combining Company Culture with Strategy is Necessary for Lasting Business Success

Culture shouldn't eat strategy for breakfast — your business strategy must be developed based on the core strengths of its existing culture.

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