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Stop Expecting to Get Paid for Your Time

How much is your time worth? An "I don't work for free" mindset could actually be doing you more harm than good.

Nick Gilmour

This Executive Learned the Secret to Productive Meetings While Working in the Kitchen at Pizza Hut

Without energy, even the best-planned meeting can fall flat. One surefire way to energize your meetings, whether online or in-person? Recognition.

Milind Pant

9 tips to get your first customers

Follow these simple strategies to attract a first customer base that will allow your business to survive.

Are Collaboration Channels Killing Your Productivity?

Just like social media, work channels can become addictive and a distraction.

Kumar Rajan

The cloud is the beginning, not the limit: Use data to transform your business

Uploading your business to the cloud is the beginning of digital transformation, but a data-driven business future requires Artificial Intelligence and using it as a service.

Hate Mondays? You should read this.

Three steps to discover your mission, your element and start walking.

A Leader's Guide to Getting Out of the Way

Peer-reviewed pointers that prevent corporate leaders from stopping efficiency.

You're Not "Multi-Passionate," You Just Have a Procrastination Problem

Saying you're multi-passionate is really just a procrastination excuse -- an excuse that keeps you from fully committing and moving forward.

Tanya Dalton

6 Habits That Help Successful People Maximize Their Time

There aren't enough hours in the day, but these tips will make them feel slightly more productive.

Blake Johnson

This is how the 'bottle challenge' works to save more than 15,000 pesos without realizing it

If you think that the money is not enough to save or you are unable to meet savings goals, but you know that 15,000 extra pesos will come in handy, the bottle challenge is for you.

Mairem Del Río

Want to Increase Sales? Don't Buy Ads.

You can buy marketing, sales or attention, but product-market fit should always take center stage.

Adam Bornstein