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Growing a Business

3 Tips for Manufacturing Products That Last a Lifetime

Companies across consumer product categories, from Patagonia apparel to All-Clad cookware, are successfully marketing their products by focusing on longevity, not price.

Growing a Business

3 Road-Mapping Sins That Could Kill Your Next Product

The road map is a vital part of product development. But only if it's done correctly will it save your company from a rude awakening at launch time.


How Thinking Like a Designer Can Unlock Organic Growth

To truly grow your business, invest in the things that don't go out of style: quality, freedom and purpose.


Want to Win Your Customers Using Design? Tune in to this Live Cast by Intel India with Ashish Deshpande

Ashish Deshpande, an Industrial Designer from the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad –India, will share his views on how he sees Intel contributing to a Digital India with the help of smart design solutions

Growth Strategies

Winning By Design: 4 Powerful Ways to Integrate Design in Your Venture

Design matters more than ever before, because we as users as well have evolved.


Global Firms Must Be Mindful About These Aspects Prior to Designing Apps for India

India accounts for 10 pct of Uber's rides globally


5 Steps to Launching a New Product in a Week

It doesn't take long to go from concept to launch when you have a plan.

Science & Technology

A Reminder From Mark Zuckerberg: 'Put People First'

This philosophy even guides the development of Facebook's virtual reality products.

Growth Strategies

User Feedback for Product Design & How It Is Revolutionising Entrepreneurship in India

The entry of players such as Reliance Jio has only jump-shifted the data adoption rates, as nearly 100 million new users – largely belonging to non-metro geographies

Growing a Business

Rapid Prototyping: The Best Route to Happy Customers

Transform product development from a guessing game into great market research: 4 ways how.

Science & Technology

Behind the Evolution of a Revolutionary New Speaker Design

Go step-by-step through one designer's process.

Business Ideas

Lori Greiner's 4 Questions to Know Whether Your Idea Is a Hero or a Zero

The serial inventor, Shark Tank star and 'Queen of QVC' shares how to figure out if you're creating a must-have product.

Growth Strategies

Why Your Pitch Deck Needs A Re-Design

Great pitches make or break a startup - here's how successful ones make it


"I used to travel 2.5 Hours in a Boat For College As Hostel Fees Were Unaffordable"

Here's the story of how very humble upbringing brought out the artistic creativity to design more than 60+ famous brands


The Product 'Craftsman' - Leading Design Innovation

Beyond just a tool to make a product look cool, product design is an approach to solving a problem