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What Will Coca-Cola Look Like in the Year 3000? Soda Giant Enlists AI to Conjure Up a 'Coke From the Future'

The new beverage is a part of Coca-Cola's Creations program, which releases limited-edition mystery flavors.

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Samsung's Profit Is Down 95% — Now the Apple Rival Is Relying on an 'Unusual' Strategy to Recover

The company's memory chip division saw a record $3.4 billion loss.

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Why This Technology Will Surge This Year and How You Can Capitalize On It

Certain technologies have become more relevant to startups and corporations. Looking ahead, quantum computing is set to make waves in the tech industry.

Science & Technology

How the Internet of Things Can Increase Productivity

The internet of things (IoT) is the future of workplace innovation.

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How Cloud Agnostic Hardware Could be The Future of IoT

IoT is gaining popularity and can use the cloud for optimal data storage. What happens when cloud companies go out of business and shut down their IoT services?


5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Using No Code

Today, no-code is dominated by early-stage entrepreneurs to build their MVP or side hustle. But no-code can be used for so much more. It's time for enterprises to become more efficient, innovative and productive.