Self confidence

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If you struggle to take action or are otherwise hesitating to move things forward, try these leadership tips to jump-start success.

Simon Lovell

5 Simple Ways to Be a More Commanding Speaker

Time- and experience-tested methods of improving your image and drawing more attention in meetings and other public settings.

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Confidence is the Bridge Between You and Your Goals

It's more than time, skills or knowledge that you need to accomplish your goals -- it's confidence.

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I always took the fortune to mean that I'd be a published author. I see it differently now.

The 5 Steps to Building Unshakable Confidence

Self-confidence is the foundation of effective leadership. But how do you get there?

Tugba Yanaz

If This Guy Could Make a Portrait Out of Toast, I Can Do Anything

Sometimes keeping other people's weird accomplishments in sight helps to keep our own aspirations in perspective.

Meganne Fabrega

4 Qualities That Could Make You the Next Arlan Hamilton

How to fuel your chances of being among the record number of Black women now blazing a trail of entrepreneurship and success.

10 Ways to Build and Boost Your Confidence

"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." e. e. cummings

It's All in Your Head: How to Shift Your Mindset for Serious Success

Regardless of how skilled you may be or how awesome a product or service is, it's your mindset that will make or break a business.

The Greatest Life Hack the Oak Tree Teaches

Being yourself all the time can mean saying no to 99 per cent of things in front of you, but that one per cent makes you able to move mountains

7 Ways Younger Entrepreneurs Can Be Taken More Seriously

The new and unproven businessperson must develop credibility with investors and employees, suppliers and customers.

It's Time to Reclaim Your Creative Confidence

Creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you.

Sania Gupta