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A Sephora Customer Is Going Viral After Claiming a Popular Body Butter Attracts Spiders: 'Watch Out for These Lotions'

A viral review claimed Sol De Janeiro's Delícia Drench Body Butter attracted spiders, but the company says the claims are bogus, an "urban legend."

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Sephora Is Putting Customer Favorite Merchandise Behind Lock and Key

The change goes against Sephora's original try-before-you-buy business model.

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You Can Now Get That Last-Minute Lipstick From Sephora Delivered Within An Hour From DoorDash

Sephora announced a partnership with Doordash to expand its product delivery options Wednesday.

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Plans to Sell a 'Witch Kit' Spelled Trouble for Sephora

Before your company makes light of witches for Halloween, consider this: They're a real thing. And they don't ride broomsticks.

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Sephora Mistakenly Rolls Out Vulgar Hashtag

How a simple misspelling threw an entire promotional campaign into complete disarray.