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How to Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Small Business

Discover how small businesses can navigate the challenging terrain of pricing strategy in a post-inflation economy.

Growing a Business

How to Set the Price of Your Book to Maximize Royalties

With strategic thinking and ongoing refinement, you can determine pricing that generates high royalty income by aligning with your book's market positioning and sales aspirations.

Growing a Business

Are You Charging Enough Money for Your Software? Here's How You Can Tell.

My biggest mistake as a founder was charging too little for my product. Here are the three things that will allow you to charge good money for your software.

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3 Strategies To Protect Your Business From Inflation

Inflation is back with a vengeance. Use these three strategies to protect yourself and stay afloat in inflationary times.

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The Secret Behind Why This Beloved Convenience Chain Sells So Much Coffee? Its Business Model.

Wawa's coffee is good, but it's not the real reason why the beloved convenience chain sells so much coffee. The secret? A great business model.


3 Ways to Avoid Marketing-Budget Traps

Inefficient allocation of marketing funds can result in inaccurate targeting, revenue loss, reduced productivity and even business closure, but there are proven ways of sidestepping these pitfalls, even in the midst of budget cuts.

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Prices Expected to Rise Two Times Higher Than Wages: Fed Survey

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index increased 6.8 percent in the 12 months through November, the fastest climb in 39 years.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Study the Austrian School of Economics

Modern economics is a theory of the economy that leaves no place for the entrepreneur. So where should entrepreneurs turn to improve their understanding? The Austrian school of economics might be the answer.

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3 Simple Ways Any Business Can Increase Sales

Sometimes the best methods are hidden in plain sight.

Growing a Business

Why Your Prices Should Be More Like the Local Pizzeria

The local pizza place isn't do custom pricing, so why are you?

Growing a Business

How To Raise Prices To Boost the Revenue of a Newly-Acquired Business (and Your ROI)

One of the most obvious yet trickiest strategies to raise revenue is to raise prices. That way, you earn more from your current customers without spending more to find new ones.

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The Relevance Of MRP In Modern India

There have been longstanding debates in the country about the efficacy of MRP

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'Camel Startups' Put a High Value on the Quality of Their Products

Customers are willing to pay for reliable, safe and efficient products. Know your worth.

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Uber Experiment Lets California Drivers Set Their Own Fares

The bidding system allows them to increase fares up to five times the price set by Uber

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Why Today's Price Wars Are Ecommerce's Biggest Mistake

For most retailers, it makes sense to steer clear of any price wars, which they may not win anyway.