Sharing Economy

Implications of Reopening India on Its Economy and Workers

The centre has announced several stimulus packages to bring back the mired economy on its feet. Nevertheless, the resumption will take some time

Yogita Tulsiani

A New Growth Model for the Sharing Economy

Decentralization is the wave of the near-future.

What Does the Crisis Mean for the Sharing Economy?

If the sharing economy cannot deal with its fundamental vulnerabilities in a moment of crisis, it could spell the end of its meteoric rise as a business model.

Future of Domestic Travel Post-Lockdown

With businesses reaching a standstill, the tourism industry is in dire need of government support and compensatory injections to survive this dreaded virulent onslaught.

Key Development That Will Drive the Retail Sector

The retail industry has been rewired into a novel and rationalized account of its previous self in the recent past. Digitization, opening of diverse methods and improvements in technology has seen the progression of this space from unplanned trade to planned retail

Munish Baldev

Can Your Business Stay Afloat in a Slow Economic Growth Scenario?

Now is a good time for handing over the reins to the next generation and retiring old guards and hiring fresh talent

Anshul Mittal

What Can Businessmen Expect From Budget 2020

Sector Focused Policies Over the last one year, several sectors have witnessed a downward spiral and here's what the economy needs

Shared Mobility – a Step Towards Affordable, Reliable, Clean, and Efficient Future

As one of the most populated countries and the fastest-growing economies of the world, India today is at an inflection point of developing its mobility systems

Sudhir Mehta

Recommerce - Trending Business Solutions to Sustainability

The shared economy model is a structure which amalgamates capitalistic and socialistic mindsets to pave way for individualism leading to a positive domino effect

Aanchal Saini

Examples of Sharing Economy Business Ideas

If becoming part of the sharing economy interests you, here are ten examples of sharing economy business ideas you can learn from.

Nicole Crampton

Budget 2019 Expectations: 7 Things the Government Can Do to Boost the Indian Economy

The one area where the NDA 1 government was seen to be under performing was in job creation, this is where big announcements are expected

Sameer Aggarwal

Coming Together of Traditional Lenders and Fintech Players, Creating Better Opportunities

Traditional lenders like Banks and fintech firms get better at working together, this is essential to reap the full benefits of innovation

Monish Anand