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How to Launch a Business in the Sharing Economy

Here are five factors to consider when starting a Airbnb-type platform.

Paula Andruss

Uber Hits Roadblocks in Taiwan, China

Questions have been raised about the licensing standards for Uber drivers in Taiwan and the Chinese mainland mega city of Chongqing.


Chicago Is Developing Its Own Taxi App to Compete With Uber, Lyft

The city says it is looking for a way to 'level the playing field' between cabs and ridesharing services.


5 Places in America Where Uber Hit a Wall

The ridesharing service that was just banned in India's capital has suffered its share of operational setbacks on its home turf.

Carly Okyle

Good News for Airbnb Hosts and Uber Drivers: Here Comes Insurance

The independent sharing economy organization Peers unveils plans for two insurance programs for individuals working in the sharing economy.

What's Next for the Sharing Economy?

With successes such as Uber and Airbnb, peer-to-peer businesses are here to stay.

Matt Villano

Uber Teams Up With Spotify So Passengers Can Play 'Backseat DJs'

The ridesharing service and the music-streaming service, which have each helped disrupt their respective industries, have formed an interesting partnership.

Laura Entis

Uber, Lyft Find Ally in New York's Attorney General

New York State AG Eric Schneiderman spoke out against a rule that would protect traditional car services from the competition of app-based services Uber and Lyft.

Evelyn Cheng

How the Sharing Economy is Booming Without Hurting the Environment

The emerging sharing economy is perhaps the premiere example of how technology and social media create wealth by making use of what we already have.

John Boitnott

Why TED Gave Up Control of Its Brand and Why You Should, Too

By sharing its approach, the conference company creates a pipeline for the future and makes its core product stronger.

Karl Ronn