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Porch Pirates Stole 119 Million Packages From Doorsteps Last Year Alone. Here's What You Can Do to Make Sure This Doesn't Happen to Your Customers.

The rapid growth of ecommerce, fueled by the pandemic, has increased opportunities for "porch pirates" who target packages left on doorsteps, impacting both consumer confidence and business finances. This rise in theft underscores the need for effective security measures — read on for some suggestions from my 17 years in the industry.

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The Billion-Dollar Shipping Empires financing Putin's War Efforts

Recently, the widow of the legendary Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny addressed the European Parliament saying, 'If you really want to defeat Putin, you have to become an innovator'.

Growing a Business

How to Prevent Shipping Costs from Decimating Your Profit Margins

A business world that constantly offers shipping discounts has cut into business's profit margins, but it doesn't have to be that way.


Sun, Sand And Sea: The Future Of The Indian Cruise Market

With an aim of increasing cruise passenger traffic, various initiatives have been taken by the government.

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Cutting Out the $200B Middleman: How LaneAxis Is Shaking up the Freight Industry

Now you can invest in the tech company connecting shippers, carriers, and truckers for more profitable, headache-free deliveries.

Growing a Business

Customers Demand Fast, Affordable Shipping. Are You Giving It to Them?

ShipStation is a cloud-based software solution that helps businesses fulfill orders efficiently and affordably.

Starting a Business

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My E-Commerce Business

When starting an E-commerce business, people don't know where to start and will most probably make mistakes that will cost them money. This article highlights some key points to consider before starting out in the E-comm world to help people avoid mistakes and fast track their way to profit.

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Shipping Port Backlog to Continue 'At Least' Through Mid-2022

As the goods sit on the water, costs are rising for average Americans, shipments are delayed, and there are fewer purchasing options on store shelves.

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Shipping Containers From Stranded Ships Abandoned in California Neighborhoods

Shipping containers are now reportedly being abandoned in California neighborhoods.

Business News

A Record-Breaking 44 Container Ships are Stuck Off the Coast of California

Forty-four container ships are stuck outside California ports, worsening shipping delays and costs.

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Shipping for Your Online Business Can be a Breeze with Shippo

Shipping can make a side hustle a full-time hassle, but the right tools and techniques can open it up.

Science & Technology

Any Growing Ecommerce Business Can Streamline Shipping With Shippo

This service handles all of your order and shipping needs.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

Packing and Shipping Companies Are More Important Than Ever. Here Are 5 of the Best You Can Buy.

Packing and shipping franchises have proven vital as the world turns to online shopping and remote interactions.


Why Singapore Is the Best Place For Reimagining the Maritime Industry

Singapore's entrenched position as a leading global port, achieved through pioneering new and improved solutions and services for the industry over the years, motivates regulatory authorities to sustain this edge through a range of initiatives to encourage and explore new ideas

Starting a Business

How to Make Money in the Freight Brokering Business

One expert's insights into taking advantage of new opportunities in the freight and transportation industry.