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Cutting Out the $200B Middleman: How LaneAxis Is Shaking up the Freight Industry Now you can invest in the tech company connecting shippers, carriers, and truckers for more profitable, headache-free deliveries.

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Some people receive a package in the mail and think: "I'm lucky to have been born in a time when shipping is so convenient." But logistics pros see a different side of the freight industry. Under the surface, it's an utter mess with hidden fees, miscommunication, and missed opportunities.

That's what LaneAxis aims to change. Here's why this logistics tech startup should be on every investor's radar.

Why the freight industry is such a disaster.

Due to poor scheduling, truck drivers in the U.S. drive approximately 29 billion miles per year without any cargo. Not only is this an enormous amount of wasted gas and resources, but freight brokers – the people doing the scheduling – take a hefty sum of cash off the top of every shipping contract.

Freight brokers will charge anywhere from 20% to 50% to connect shippers with carriers, and businesses spend an estimated $200 billion annually on these middlemen. Along with massive fees, they hide most of their process from shippers – sort of like if you were to ship a package without a tracking code – leaving everyone to cross their fingers and hope loads make it from A to B in time.

And while packages often make it on time, the cost for professionals in this market is billions in wasted gas dollars along with hours, days, or weeks of unnecessary driving.

Fortunately, LaneAxis saw this as a tremendous market opportunity.

How LaneAxis is cutting costs for everyone.

LaneAxis has created a Direct Freight Marketplace Network that connects shippers directly to carriers. That means no more need for a middleman broker. With no middleman, shippers are able to get better deals with more competitive rates. The app offers real-time tracking and analytics for both shippers and carriers, allowing for better management of resources.

Not only does LaneAxis provide access to capacity when and where it is needed, but it also takes a much lower transaction fee than brokers: just 1%. Shippers no longer have to empty their pockets for the mystery bag that comes with hiring someone to book shipments for them. Instead, they connect directly to trucking companies they can trust on the LaneAxis platform.

In short, LaneAxis aims to revolutionize the freight industry by providing a secure, transparent platform to connect shippers and carriers directly, saving time and money in the process. By cutting out the middleman, both shippers and carriers can get better rates and have more control over their resources.

That all sounds good in theory, but it gets better: the app is already live with thousands of users.

With 10,000+ users, LaneAxis isn't slowing down.

Since LaneAxis launched in 2019, over 40,000 carriers have registered. And they have a database full of 2 million Department of Transportation-approved carriers that represent potential customers.

That database also includes over 116,000 verified shippers. Plus, through a partnership with American Association of Owner Operators, they've added an additional 30,000 carriers to their network.

These numbers spell fast growth for a merely three-year-old company. It means they're already en route to streamlining the shipping process by connecting hundreds of thousands of available trucks with the people that need them.

If they can keep up the pace, LaneAxis will quickly become the go-to platform for shipping operations. And they have the potential to make $1.5B in revenue by acquiring just 10% of the market.

That's why investors shouldn't overlook their latest investment offering.

The LaneAxis investment opportunity.

Startup investing can be an exciting opportunity regardless of the company. It's now easier for people to get in on the ground floor of an innovation. You no longer need deep pockets.

That said, LaneAxis arguably is an even more exceptional investment opportunity because they're evolving an industry at the core of human consumption worldwide – and they're only beginning to see success.

This team of experienced logistics and transportation veterans has already raised over $4 million in seed funding from investors and venture capitalists. Now, they're looking to take their growth to the next level.

Since LaneAxis' product is still in its earliest stages, the company sees the potential to make it even more secure, efficient, and cost-effective, which is where investors like you come in.

Learn about the LaneAxis investment opportunity here.

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