Silicon Valley

Stop Calling It a Side Hustle

We've got legions of "mompreneurs," "passion-preneurs," side hustlers and gig workers. If you're running your own business, you are an entrepreneur, and it's critical you start owning it.

Roger Patterson

Deja de llamarlo un ajetreo secundario

Tenemos legiones de "madres emprendedoras", "amantes de la pasión", estafadores secundarios y trabajadores de conciertos. Si tiene su propio negocio, es un emprendedor y es fundamental que comience a ser dueño de él.

Roger Patterson

Proliferation Of Cloud Services Is Good For Us: Aaron Levie of Box

At present, he said, the world is witnessing the renaissance of enterprise technology that will shape the future

Debarghya Sil

Prince Harry Has a New Gig -- And It's In Silicon Valley

The Duke of Sussex has left his royal duties behind for a position at BetterUp.

Justin Chan

How a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Is Paving the Way For Economic Transition in Africa By Investing In Young Entrepreneurs

With an ambitious goal to build a strong tech industry in Africa, Hiruy Amanuel proves that to create significant economic changes, investing in the well-being of others comes first

Julian Lim

Entrepreneurs Against Dictatorship: Lukashenko's Regime Hurts Belarusian-American Founders

U.S. tech companies founded by Belarusians have long been a source of pride for Europe's last dictator, Alexander Lukashenko. Now, as entrepreneurs are challenging his 26-year-old rule, they are feeling the same pressure as everyone else. Silicon Valley startups have also taken a hit.