Apple trabaja en una IA que se ejecuta directamente en el iPhone, rompiendo paradigmas y priorizando la privacidad de los usuarios

Alineándose con una filosofía centrada en la privacidad, la empresa busca mejorar la privacidad del usuario manteniendo las interacciones con la IA estrictamente en su dispositivo.


Esta actriz y cantante le habló a Tim Cook para pedirle que corrigiera el modo en el que Siri pronunciaba su nombre

Barbra Streisand es una de las pocas personas que han ganado el Emmy, el Grammy, el Oscar y el Tony; además le gusta que su apellido se pronuncie correctamente.

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What Is ChatGPT? Google, Siri and Even ChatGPT Are Confused About Its Existence

ChatGPT is a chatbot built on a variant of Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) and uses powerful language to generate human-like responses

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Siri: When Will Web Accessibility Be The Norm?

Actor behind Apple's voice assistant is the perfect influencer to push for progress.

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Game-Changing iPhone Features That Make Life With a Disability Easier

The accessibility mode may just be the greatest ally in maintaining your autonomy.


From Novelty, to Productivity, to Commerce, Voice Has Come a Long Way

Asia poised to drive the next biggest market growth in voice tech

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All the Important Stuff From Apple's WWDC Keynote

We got a glimpse of the new Mac Pro, iOS 13 and a wave of new features to better integrate Apple devices.


The Genderless Voice Assistant 'Q' Needs Your Help

This message is for all the tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google


India, China Lead the Race in Voice-activated Technology

A report says that once users have adopted voice-activated technology, their consumption does not decrease

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The Latest Thing You Need to Worry About Cybercriminals Hacking? Your Voice.

The shift to voice biometrics and speech-controlled systems is raising the risk of voice cloning and subliminal attacks.


Google Now Enters Your Home But Will it Leave an Echo?

The tech giant is all set to enter the Indian market with Google Home and Google Home Mini

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How Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of Voice Search Marketing

Your customers are already using voice search. It's up to you and your business to meet them there.


Why Every Entrepreneur Should Get a Personal Assistant Gadget ?

Each digital assistant recognizes specific voice commands and performs a function for the user.


How Speech Recognition Technology Will Lead The Way to Better Communication

More and more companies are turning to speech recognition technology to carry out tasks that were once performed by live chat agents