¿Rebasado por las notificaciones laborales? Así es cómo puedes optimizar tus canales de comunicación

Cada método de comunicación tiene sus ventajas, ya sea la formalidad y profesionalismo del correo electrónico, el poder e networking de LinkedIn o la comunicación en tiempo real de Telegram y WhatsApp.


Overwhelmed By Too Many Work Notifications? Here's How to Streamline Your Communication Channels

Every method of communication has its perks — whether it's the formality and professionalism of email, the networking power of LinkedIn or the real-time communication of Telegram and WhatsApp.


Why It's Time To Bring One of the Most Loathed Buzzwords of the 2000s Into the Remote Era

Offices used to house many departments and teams, but all were visible to one another. But, with remote work, we have very little visibility into what other departments are working on. This has reached a boiling point, where remote work has led to a lack of trust and productive collaboration across disciplines and teams.

News and Trends

Microsoft Facing Antitrust Probe For Teams Platform: Report

The report revealed that the communications app called Slack filed a complaint with EU's antitrust body in 2020 raising allegations that Microsoft unfairly ties Microsoft Teams and other software with its widely-used Office suite


The New Approach to Work Requires a New Approach to Trust

How to maintain high levels of trust in a remote, hybrid, or asynchronous workplace


Remote Work Doesn't Stifle Innovation — Overlooking These Best Practices Will.

Apple and Google think remote work isn't good for innovation, but research suggests the opposite can be true. Assuming innovation requires physical proximity is an outdated traditionalist approach. Here's why.


10 Measures That Improve Internal Communication

With so many workforces remote, it's time to fortify and improve channels of communication.


The CEOs of YouTube, Slack and Whole Foods All Have Liberal Arts Degrees. Here's Why That Matters

Experience in liberal and fine arts can give you a creative edge.

Business News

Salesforce Buys Slack for $27.7 Billion

The deal is Salesforce's biggest acquisition to date.

Business News

Slack Is Experimenting With 'Video Stories'

It's also testing an always-available audio feed.

Science & Technology

45 Ways to Master Slack While You're Working From Home

Tricks, shortcuts and hacks to impress your boss and colleagues.

Science & Technology

5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About Slack

Master Slack to improve your company's communication.

Growing a Business

Building Success: Insights from 7 Leading SaaS Companies

SaaS businesses feature all sorts of advantages and unique hurdles. What separates the winners form the losers?


Five Apps For Entrepreneurs To Effectively Manage Their Businesses

In this digital age, there are more tools than ever to help business owners streamline their internal processes from the comfort of their cell phone screens.