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The Future of Calendars: Predictions and Trends

Smart calendars, chatbots, and other tech tools will change the workplace for the better. Here is what we think is going to happen:

Science & Technology

This Tech Is Transforming Real Estate and is Creating a Major Market Opportunity

Smart home technology is disrupting real estate, presenting a significant market opportunity for designers, builders, entrepreneurs and investors.

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Save 25 Percent off This Top-Rated Smart Lock

Invest in your home security at a Black Friday price.


This Smart Power Outlet Is Just $15 for Deal Days

Save more than 60 percent off a smart power outlet.

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Technology Is Already Disrupting Our Lives. What Will the Future Look Like?

From blockchain technology to self-driving cars, major advancements are here to stay -- and evolve.


Summer Sale: Find Great Tech Gadgets for Great Prices

The more you spend, the more you save.

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The Next Generation of Home Automation

Smart homes have come a long way -- how much can you automate to make your life easier?


Upgrade Your Home Office with This Smart Power Outlet

Working from home has never been more convenient.

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5 Ways AI Technology is Making Our Buildings Smarter

Savvy solutions 'learn' your routine and help with everyday tasks.

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Secure Your Home or Office with This Simplified Smart Security System

You don't have to be a smart home expert to get smart security.

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The Challenges and Security Risks of Smart Home Devices

As technology continues to simplify everyday living, there remain pros and cons.


23 Tech Deals You Can Still Score During This 24-Hour Green Monday Sale

You can still get great savings on useful tech.

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Cyber Monday's Been Extended with These 10 Smart Home Accessories

Score great savings to create your dream smart home.

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Control Your Home, Business, or Office's Temperature From Anywhere with This Smart Device

This Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat controller allows you to turn your air conditioner or heat pump into a smart device.

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Independent Homes And Villas: Homebuyers' Hub For an Exclusive Living With a Space Beyond

Highlighting the essence of privacy and larger homes, a recent survey indicates that 86.8 per cent of the respondents prefer living in an independent home or a villa