6 Innovative Marketing Strategies Designed for Startups

The first thing startups are concerned about is how to start generating profit. The route of that profit is revenue, which is a marketing factor. But without a large budget, how do you market, get revenue and make a profit? Here are six ideas that won't cost you a fortune to invest in.

Money & Finance

5 Biggest Ways Startups Waste Money (and What to Do Instead)

As a startup, your biggest resources are time and money. Here's how to avoid wasting both so you can build a better business faster.

Starting a Business

4 Tips for Starting an Online Business in 2024

Four key tips to help your online business thrive this year.


4 consejos sencillos para destacar en el mundo competitivo de las startups

Cómo diferenciar tu negocio en el competitivo panorama de las startups.

Growing a Business

4 Simple Tips for Standing Out in the Crowded Startup World

How to differentiate your business in the competitive startup landscape.

Starting a Business

Start Your Own Business or Buy a Franchise: Which Is Right For You?

Before you decide to jump into entrepreneurship — whatever that looks like for you — consider these six comparisons.

Thought Leaders

From Launch to Liftoff — Insider Secrets That Will Help You Build a Thriving Startup

Here's what you need to know to launch a successful startup.

Starting a Business

This Start-up is Turning Stubble Waste into Sustainable Packaging

Dharaksha was incubated at RCB (Regional Center for Bio-Technology) and initiated with on-ground research and development activities, including engaging with farmers in the villages of Punjab and Haryana to gain insights into the practice of burning stubble waste and understand the underlying reasons behind this phenomenon

Starting a Business

How to Build a Culture of Learning in Startups

Startups tend to favor high productivity within short turnaround times. In such conditions, employees must be adaptable and learn new skills quickly. Therefore, training and development are crucial — a new employee needs to hit the ground running.

Starting a Business

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Founding My Own Company

It's nearly impossible to know everything before starting a company, but here are five essentials I wish I knew before founding my own.

Business News

The Best Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs Starting a New Year

Every entrepreneur must allocate the right amount of time to each task, regardless of how busy their schedule is. To start the New Year 2023 with an efficient and productive...

Starting a Business

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Don't Scale Their Start-Ups and Fail

If it is the first time you are trying to run a larger organization, you'll likely make some mistakes. From targeting the wrong market to ignoring the competition, some common mistakes hinder an entrepreneur's growth.

Starting a Business

3 Simple Steps to Help Startups Maximize Their Leads

Early-stage startups often work with limited resources and a small team of employees. This means that it's vital for every person to be able to capitalize on sales leads with the least amount of effort possible.

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Entrepreneurship Takes Balancing Your Work, Life, and Parenting

For most of us, there’s nothing more meaningful than family and business in life. But, unfortunately, both require a lot from a person. And as a result, it can be...

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Is Your Startup Failure Holding You Back?

Every person fails at some point in their life. And, it’s undoubtedly one of the scariest parts of starting your own business. Though, that concern is valid. After all, it’s...