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The Illusion of the Shelf – The Driving Force Behind Infant Formula Shortages, and What Needs to Change

Our nation is poised for another infant formula shortage; competition is crucial in preventing this shortage.

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Supply Chains of the Future: Technology, Localization, and Resilience to build in 2024

Strong technological solutions serve as a backbone for the supply chains of the future. These innovations have been building resilience in the supply chains of today and are bound to be the drivers of the high-performing supply chains of tomorrow

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Supply Chain Evolution: Is It Time To Rethink Your Strategy?

Recent shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions have only intensified the need for businesses to review and strengthen their sourcing strategies

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How to Revolutionize Your Supply Chain by Harnessing the Power of Smart Technologies

Harnessing the power of IoT and smart technologies is a strategic move toward driving success and sustainability in supply chain management.


5 Ways to Create A Win-Win Culture Throughout Your Supply Chain

Find a way to stand out with your partners rather than being just another client.

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ZEVO Secures Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Agility Ventures

With this funding, ZEVO is poised for accelerated growth and is committed to contributing to a greener and more sustainable future in the logistics and mobility industry


4 Ways to Be Ready When the Supply Chain Heats Up Again

Manufacturing is showing signs of life, and inventories are down — so what's next?

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Adcount Technologies Raises $2.25 Million In Series A Funding

The fundraise will primarily fuel the first phase of brand's international expansion, as it aims to widen its footprints globally

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Everest Fleet Raises $20 Million Funding Led By Uber

The funding will enable Everest Fleet to expand its operations and grow the overall supply pool available for the ridesharing industry where demand continues to outstrip vehicle supply

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The 'Barbie' Movie May Have Caused A Global Pink Paint Shortage

The long-anticipated film is slated to hit theaters later this summer.

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Your Summer Air Travel Could Be Complicated By a 'Very Frustrating' Issue, Expert Says

It's a global problem with no end in sight anytime soon.

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Nexus Backed Pando Raises $30 Million In Series B Funding

The fresh funds will be used to drive Pando's growth across geographies and industries

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India To Benefit From Supply-Chain Changes: World Economic Forum

The report suggests that more than 90% of the chief economists expected at least moderate growth in both East Asia and Pacific and South Asia

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B2B SCaaS Platform Aksum Raises $1 Million In Pre-Series A Funding

The funds will be used to enhance and reinforce the technology framework of the company and also expand its reach to new geographic locations


Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based AI Supply Chain Sensing Wants To Put An End To Logistical Disruptions (Even Before They Can Occur)

In the case of supply chain disruptions, the solution often follows after they occur. But AISCS' solution bypasses the need for such a reactive response by adopting a more proactive approach.