Supply Chain Management

How Ecommerce Startups Can Navigate the Supply Chain Logjam

Consumer expectations of speedy delivery and an unprecedented supply chain backlog have come into conflict. Which will give first?

John Monarch

Jeff Bezos's Replacement Says Amazon Will Spend Billions to Combat Holiday Shipping Delays

The company is taking costly preventative measures in the face of the supply-chain slowdown.

Amanda Breen

This Is Why My Dad Always Had a Full Tank Of Gas In 1973

How do you treat your suppliers in a supply chain crisis?

Gene Marks

Shipping Containers From Stranded Ships Abandoned in California Neighborhoods

Shipping containers are now reportedly being abandoned in California neighborhoods.

The Epoch Times

It's Time For the Future of Farming to Be a Dinner Table Topic

With supply chains slashed and increased droughts, the public needs to take an interest in how they get their food.

Michael Gilbert

Toymakers Warn Supply-Chain Issues Are a Threat to Holiday Shopping

Covid-19 has caused a massive bottleneck in the global transportation pipeline.

Amanda Breen

One of World's Largest Port Operators Warns Global Supply Chain 'Crisis' Will Last Longer Than Expected

Speaking to Bloomberg News, Dubai's DP World Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said he expects bottlenecks to continue until 2023. The issues will result in higher costs for shipping goods, he warned.

In the Market for a Car? You Might Be Searching for a While.

The pandemic continues to impact the automotive industry and raise prices for consumers.

Chris Davenport

Why Digitizing the First Mile Is the Next Evolution for a Connected Supply Chain

By ensuring the entire supply chain is digitized, teams can ensure happier partners and happier customers.   

Bill Hobbs

5 Keys to Effective Problem-Solving When You're Facing a Complex Operational Challenge

Here is a practical guide on how to look at all aspects of your project and start tackling them head-on.

Tugba Yanaz

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Smart Manufacturing

What we can achieve has the potential to change -- and save -- lives.

Philip Stoten