Supply Chain Management

IKEA Says Ever Given's Suez Canal Delay Should Only Have 'Minor Impact on Availability'

The home-furnishings giant had 110 containers of products stuck on the recently freed cargo vessel and ships in its shadow.

Kenny Herzog

· 2 min read

Is Your Company at Risk Due to New International Sanctions?

The new U.S. administration has a very different approach to international relations than the previous one. New tech tools mean companies are expected to know much more about their suppliers.

Allan Matheson

· 5 min read

2020 Exposed Cracks in America's Supply Chains. Here's How We Learn From It.

By studying shortcomings, we can become stronger, faster and more resilient.

Jonathan McDonald

· 4 min read

3 Signs You're Running an Unsustainable Supply Chain, and How to Fix It

Identifying these problems can retain customers and keep your business running smoothly.

Tom Popomaronis

· 5 min read

The Cost of Manual Supply Chains and the Migration to Automation

Manual processes create gaps and vulnerabilities within supply chains, while automated systems offer opportunities to accelerate innovation, boost revenue, enhance customer experience and quickly resolve problems. 

Bill Hobbs

· 5 min read

Inventory Management: The Key to Strengthening Your Supply Chain

Join us for this free webinar and learn what successful organizations are doing to manage their inventory and innovate in various areas of the supply chain.

Entrepreneur Events

· 2 min read

How to Create a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Change happens lightning fast. You must keep up or close up.

Lucas Miller

· 5 min read

3 Fundamentals for Building a Resilient Supply Chain

By focusing on the fundamentals, even in crisis mode, organizational leaders can put the right people, processes and technology in place to tackle the most critical needs.

Nader Mikhail

· 4 min read

3 Innovations That Could Radically Change the Fashion Industry

And why we should use this crisis as an opportunity to make big changes.

Lawrence Lenihan

· 6 min read

How to Prepare for Major Supply Chain Disruption

Right now, we face the most serious threat to global supply chains in our lifetime.

Bill Hobbs

· 6 min read

How Coronavirus Could Wreak Havoc on Your Supply Chain

Procurement might be one of the last things on your mind, but it should be one of the first.

Peter Daisyme

· 4 min read

Per Bylund

· 4 min read