Growing a Business

What The NFL Teaches Us About Creating a Winning Team

How to build organizational culture by drawing inspiration from how NFL teams operate.

Resumes & Interviewing

Employers Are Complaining They Can't Find Qualified Talent — Turns Out They Might Be the Problem.

Employers across industries bemoan the difficulty of finding qualified talent. Yet, at the same time, legions of capable workers, especially caregivers, find themselves shut out of employment altogether due to inflexible employer attitudes. The solution? Forward-looking companies need to reimagine traditional career paths to gain access to a deep well of hidden talent.

Resumes & Interviewing

How to Build an Economy-Proof Team

In any economic climate, building a successful business hinges on having an exceptional team. But what's the best way to find those star players?


Why Mentorship Is As Important As Funding In the Process Of Becoming a Successful Startup

Mentors can assist with getting the right talent on board, track down the right financial investors, decide your organization's worth, or assist you with establishing your foundation for the business

Growth Strategies

Soft Skills Critical to Career Growth: Here's Why

You must not only be able to communicate with cohesion but also be willing to listen to the other point of view and accommodate good suggestions from wherever they come

Growth Strategies

How Tech-fluent Talent is Accelerating Change at Private Companies

They are best positioned to help firms increase efficiencies, comprehend new market opportunities, and drive faster growth

Women Entrepreneur™

Women and Entrepreneurship: 5 Soft Skills for Tough Women

"If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design," said Sri Aurobindo

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Discrepancies in Terms of Gender and Industry in Q3-18 Report

The First Advantage portrays how they looked like in Q3-18, says First Advantage in its report


Three Ways AI is Reshaping the Music Business

It's time for the industry to discuss how the technology can be used to improve quality, speed, functionality, and even drive top line revenue and creative growth in 2019 and beyond


Meet Warren Vache – A Jazz Trumpeter Who Creates Music That Touches Your Soul

In conversation with the jazz cornetist, Warren Vache whose music expresses sentiments and emotions.


Enterprise Use of AI has Grown 270 per cent Globally Over the Past Four Years

Companies are adopting artificial intelligence like it's going out of style


Is College Degree Relevant to Entrepreneurs?

There may be people who have degrees irrelevant to their business or a few others who are college dropouts, yet the need for a formal degree cannot be undermined

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Acing Up a Career in the Creative Industry

To thrive in the creative industry you ought to build a security blanket and make sure your costs and overheads are sparingly bare minimum

News and Trends

Asia-Pacific At Greatest Risk of Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

About 63 per cent of respondents report that their organizations have a shortage of IT staff dedicated to cybersecurity

News and Trends

Five Key Considerations For Businesses To Focus On When Expanding To Asia

Countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand present a huge opportunity for businesses across various sectors, thanks to growing urbanisation and economic growth