Acing Up a Career in the Creative Industry

To thrive in the creative industry you ought to build a security blanket and make sure your costs and overheads are sparingly bare minimum

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You are an artist. You are an entrepreneur of talent. You have creativity oozing in your head and you want to make a career in this field of effervescent creative ideas. What is holding you back? Unstable income and the fierce competition in the field are surely the deterrents. Yet you are ready to take up a career in web designing, movies, music, creative arts or editing in publishing! The list is endless and you so want to use your thinking tank's creative ideas and make them commercially viable.


Don't lose heart, continue to breathe in the pool of creativity and make way to success as you implement the following tip-offs which will help you keep up a career in the creative industry:

1. Study the phenomenal personalities in the field

Take note of the eminent personalities in the field and study their career graphs. You will get brilliant ideas and motivation to keep going if you are going through ebb and flow pattern of your career. The success stories of leading people which enumerates their tough times can sure be an inspiration to you.

Wendy Clark, CEO of Omnicom's DDB North America, is known to have won big brands like Time Warner Cable, Persil and notably the most famous McDonald's campaign. She says she has learned all with time, experience and undoubtedly the history of predecessors. She understood the marketing gimmicks and strategies of the rivals after case studies of the forerunners.

2. Be frugal and save

With the career in creativity, the risks are attached in terms of unpredictable and unstable earnings. To thrive in the market you ought to build a security blanket and make sure your costs and overheads are sparingly bare minimum. Whatever income or profits you gain should either be re-invested or saved. The policy of saving is the ace rule in the creative industry so that you want to thrive during recessions and slack periods.

Pravin Daryani, founder of A & A Business Consulting often says, "You need to build a resilient financial blanket around you to be able to keep yourself covered during slack days." He also emphasizes the need to cut down on wasteful expenditure if you have to retain a career in the field of creativity.

3. Understand the power of social media

The creative industry dwells on the principle of creating and retaining followers and muses. What better source than garnering support on social media? The world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn are the game-changing phenomenon and are reckoning the creative industry. You will harp on in the industry if you build a solid social networking platform.

Christina Peirona, Marketing Director of MAC, says, "The cosmetic company MAC has become the leading beauty brand with over 18 million followers on its Instagram account." With a vast influencer network and great engagement, the field of social media marketing has done wonders for the brand.

4. Go for a walk

The field of creative industry demands constant up gradation of innovation and sparkling fresh ideas. How will you even think of something when your brain is tired and stressed? The experts emphasize taking a walk, long spa or any other mode of rejuvenation. You never know when that phenomenal idea strikes your brain while you are on a complete rejuvenation mode.

Sunil Gupta, Director of Bharat Industrial Corporation says, "I make sure I work out daily to stay fit and let my brain unwind. That is the best time when I can plan for the day and set my targets unperturbed."

Last words- Build a portfolio career to let the income flow be stable. Hikes and plunges are a constant companion in this field. Save during the boom periods to provide a cushion for slack times. Read, join workshops and learn to update your skills to stay ahead. Innovation and originality are here to stay!