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Discrepancies in Terms of Gender and Industry in Q3-18 Report The First Advantage portrays how they looked like in Q3-18, says First Advantage in its report

By Madhurima Roy

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Talent occupies the most important position in any organization no matter what the current economic scenario may be. Irrespective of the continuously changing nature of the recruitment process, the need for a good hire is indispensable. There has been a tremendous shift in the mindset of organizations as well as recruiters when it comes to talent today.

As organizations have started to capture talent early on, the overall recruitment process cost is even higher and to be cost-efficient in such cases, knowing a candidate's background becomes all the more important. It helps mitigate risk and saves the time and money involved in hiring a candidate with a fraudulent background.

In this regard, First Advantage – a provider of comprehensive background screening solutions, presents more essential facts about the current workplace scenario through this trend report. Here are some of the findings that might prove beneficial in the process of a talent search by any organization:

Gender Discrepancy

The trends of the Male and Female discrepancy cases have remained constant.

In the Employment discrepancy checks - males form the biggest chunk at 79 per cent, which means out of every 100 Employment discrepancy checks - 79 are males and 21 are females. In terms of address discrepancy checks, males are at 74 per cent and females are at 26.

In the education discrepancy checks - Males form 81 per cent and the remaining 19 per cent are Females.

In the Criminal discrepancy checks - Males form 93 per cent and the remaining 7 per cent are Females.

Discrepancy Percentage - Top 10 By Industry [Q2-18 vs. Q3-18]

In Q3-18, a total number of cases Verified were highest for the IT sector at 34per cent [i.e. out of every 100 cases Verified - 34 were from the IT sector] followed by BFSI sector at 33per cent. There is a slight change in the trend with IT leading this time around instead of the BFSI sector which has perpetually been trending higher than the IT sector.

But the highest number of discrepancy cases still continue to be in the BFSI sector at 44 per cent, that is, out of every 100 discrepancy cases - 44 were from BFSI sector] followed by IT at 25 per cent.

The discrepancy percentage, that is the number of cases [Discrepancy Vs. Verified] based on industries, has a totally different story to say, with Telecom leading at 24 per cent, that is, out of every 100 Telecom cases verified - 24 cases were discrepant], followed by Retail at 15 per cent and FMCG at 14 per cent. BFSI is at 12 per cent and Healthcare & Pharma stands at 11per cent. IT is at 7per cent and ITES/BPO follows at 6per cent. A surprise element in Engineering sector shows a high discrepancy per cent at 32per cent but the percentage can be sort of misleading as the number of cases verified for Engineering sector is pretty less in comparison to other sectors.

Discrepancy Percentage - By Component [Q4-17 to Q3-18]

In Q3-18 - discrepancies related to Employment, Address and Education components were at 58.3per cent, 6.0per cent and 5.3per cent, respectively.

The remaining [Others] discrepancies of 30.4per cent, were related to Criminal, Document Investigation, Database, Reference, etc. clubbed under others.

The Employment related discrepancies have remained consistent at 58per cent.

The Address related discrepancies have increased slightly from 5.7per cent in Q2-18 to 6.0per cent in Q3-18.

The Education related discrepancies have decreased slightly from 5.6per cent in Q2-18 to 5.3per cent in Q3-18.

Discrepancy in Profession [Q2-18 vs. Q3-18]

The highest number of discrepancies have been observed in the Associate level employees and in that too - the age bracket > = 22 to 30 years has the biggest chunk of discrepant cases at 46.5 per cent.

The discrepancy versus verified percentage is highest in the > = 31 to 40 years [age bracket] candidates at 12.4 per cent, which means 12 out every 100 cases verified were discrepant in the > = 31 to 40 years [age bracket], followed by > = 41 to 50 years [age bracket] candidates at 11.4 per cent.

Madhurima Roy

Senior Correspondent, Entrepreneur India

A journalist for more than 4 years, I have been covering businesses & start-ups, technology and business leaders. While writing is my only language, I also indulge in dancing, painting,.. and anything creative!
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