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#5 Reasons Why You Aren't Ready to Work at a Startup

I can state for a fact that working at a startup is not everyone's cup of tea


4 Ways to Boost Productivity by Managing Your Time More Effectively

We all get the same 24 hours each day. Knowing what matters most can help you delegate or automate tasks and focus on strategic priorities.


Monitoring and Motivation - Two Critical Pillars for Team Building

Few years into the business, I realized that the top line was growing, but the bottom line was taking a hit, not to mention customer complaints and employee attrition. That was when it dawned on me that the time had come for the next level of personal learning, which was very


'We tend to bloat up the founder-CEO dynamics'

If you've signed up to a startup you've essentially signed up for the turbulent ride -Housejoy CEO Saran Chatterjee


Humans are Headed, Resources are Managed: 5 Ways to Head Your Team

It is not a team of geniuses, it is a team with fire

Growth Strategies

#7 Trends to Adopt to Ensure a Happy Workplace for 2017

Technology must be leveraged in 2017 to streamline all processes. HR functions such as rewards and recognition and engagement must be automated.


7 Beneficial Tips for Managing Your Virtual Work Team

For this writer, creating a virtual meeting place was a life saver, as it seemed to revitalize his virtual workspace.


How to Scale Your Company With Small Teams

Small cross-functional teams can act like tiny, agile companies inside the larger company.


How to Transform Conflict and Gain Respect

Become a respected leader by learning to turn the other cheek.


7 Key Takeaways In Building A Global Team

An entrepreneur or company must first understand how to put a global team together

Growth Strategies

What Companies Can Do For Better Team Building

Shared vision does not mean giving ESOPs or talking about creating business plans together.


5 Secret Tests By VCs To Make Checks On Your Startup Team

Build your team with confidence and bask in the glory of developing a winning startup team


Crafting the Employee Experience: How to Improve Work Culture at Your Office

Gone are the days when salary alone was the deciding factor for an employee!


Cooking up a Startup Culture Where Employees Are Happy

The opportunity to create your own start-up culture allows you to get things right from the start!

Thought Leaders

4 Ways to Cut Production Costs Instead of Your Team

When money gets tight, find solutions that don't cost jobs.