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Picture Perfect: Oppo Reno11

Reno11 goes beyond still photos by being able to capture 4K ultra-clear video from both the main camera and the 32MP selfie camera; so, you can record, vlog, and post with ease.

Science & Technology

The Demand for IT Is Here to Stay

The pandemic has fueled and accelerated digital transformation.


Be Heard: Logitech Yeti

Yeti is a premium microphone delivering crystal-clear audio with Blue Voice software, which offers a suite of broadcast vocal effects and a library of HD audio samples accessible through Logitech G HUB software.


Stream It: Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

The device comes with a variety of customizable elements such as outdoor and indoor modes, which block out voices, and transparency mode, which controls ambient sounds to help you set your personal sound profile.

News and Trends

This Is How Google Is Helping SMEs In India

We, at Google, are focused on helping SMEs go online, and enabling online B2B marketplace to scale.


4 Essential Tech Tools for Startups

Expand your small scale business with these essential tech tools

Resumes & Interviewing

How to Find the Right Tech Talent (for the Non-Tech Entrepreneur)

Finding qualified people to work on technology development is a challenge, so follow these tips to get your process started properly.

Health & Wellness

The 6 Signs You're Tech Addicted and What You Can Do About It

Checking your office emails at midnight is bad for your health and relationships, and not really all that efficient.

Science & Technology

3 Things You Need to Know About Your Tech Guy

Your tech support can make or break your business when something goes awry. Here's what you need to know to avoid disaster.

Business News

Startups Get Hacked Too: 5 Security Tips to Implement Today

With startups becoming an easy target for cyber attacks, find out how you can protect your company.

Business News

How to Become a Technical Co-Founder on the Quick

A four-year computer science degree is so yesterday. These intensive programs can turn you into a developer in under 12 weeks.

Business News

A Guide to Matchmaking Sites for Co-Founders

Choosing a co-founder can make or break a startup. Check out these matchmaking websites to find the perfect one.

Business News

Does Your Website Have a Crash Plan?

In our 24/7 world, a website going down for even an hour could wreak havoc on your growing business. Here's how to prepare for and prevent those gut-wrenching site outages.

Starting a Business

How Tech Giants Like Google and Apple Want to Improve the Internet

Entrepreneurs can now refer to Web Platform, a new site that offers online development and best practices.

Science & Technology

Selecting the Best Shared Workspace for Your Tech Needs

Shared workspaces are a great option for small companies, Watercooler's Jenifer Ross shares how to make sure the office has everything you need.