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Why Recent Layoffs and Unaddressed Employee Grief Are Hurting Your Company's Bottom Line

Communication can go a long way in creating trust, stability and vision in an organization's very unstable time of grief. This will, in turn, improve the company's bottom line as well.

Growing a Business

5 Ways Startups Can Leverage Tech Layoffs to Attract Top Talent

While big tech itself has laid off unprecedented numbers in a very short span and continues to navigate various economic headwinds, the broader tech industry continues its focus on innovation and strategic growth.

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Thinking About Starting an Online Business? 2023 Is the Right Time to Do It. Here's Why.

Let's look at a few big reasons why 2023 will be a great year for digital entrepreneurs.

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Meta to Tell Many Managers to Start Coding or Get Out — Here's What Else the 'Flattening' Will Bring

People familiar with the matter said the change will be announced in the coming weeks.

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'Important Information About Your Role': Amazon Delivers News of Layoffs via Email

Some impacted employees lost access to work computers shortly after receiving the news.

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HP To Cut Around 6000 Jobs Globally In Next Few Years

The move comes at a time when the personal computers and laptops were witnessing a demand decline


8 Effective Tips for Conducting Layoffs

Letting go of an employee doesn't make you a bad person, but it can feel that way. Here are some helpful directives I've found to help conduct the process.

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Layoffs and Hiring Slowdowns Hit TikTok, Apple

A new wave of tech layoffs is rolling through the industry.