This is the reason why we must clear our mind of Netflix and TikTok content according to the founder of Telegram

Pável Dúrov explains that, according to numerous studies, the brain generates solutions to problems, even when we are resting, and ...

TikTok is already the most downloaded app in the world, according to Nikkei

For the first time, the short video app surpassed Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp in downloads, all platforms of the Mark Zuckerberg emporium.

WhatsApp already allows you to increase the speed of audios and they remind you that Telegram did it before

Several Internet users made fun of the new WhatsApp function to increase the speed of the audios, because its rival, Telegram, has already had it for years.

Meet 'Yayagram', the device created by a young man to communicate with his grandmother

The computer engineer Manuel Lucio presented his invention on Twitter, which consists of a curious device to facilitate communication with his grandmother and which he baptized as 'Yayagram'.

WhatsApp Will Stop Working if You Don't Accept Its New Privacy Policies

As of May 15, WhatsApp users will have to accept the update of their privacy policy or delete their account.

"Respect for Users": The Reason Why Many Are Switching From WhatsApp to Telegram

Pável Dúrov, co-founder of Telegram, explained that people are migrating to his messaging app because it is superior in terms of quality and privacy.

Apple still lives off Steve Jobs technology: Founder of Telegram

The young Russian entrepreneur Pàvel Dúrov compared the iPhone 12 Pro to the iPhone 5 alluding to its same aesthetic, but different dimension with an "ugly variety of cameras that protrude at three different heights."

U.S. Officials Seize Cryptocurrency Accounts Tied to al-Qaeda and ISIS

Agents recouped about $2 million worth of virtual currency in total.

Kris Holt

Telegram Is the Latest Company to File An EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Big-time app developers are piling on to fight against the app store.

Daniel Cooper

7 Simple Ways to Build Your Community on Telegram

If you're using Telegram, there are simple ways to build your following and maximize the utility of the app for your purposes.

AJ Agrawal