Privacy Insight: Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram

Earlier the comparison between the apps was based purely on the features they provide but now people are more concerned about their data

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Here's How To Use Telegram To Amplify Your Business

Telegram is being used by businesses for marketing because professionals are realizing the benefits of the platform may be even more than WhatsApp

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U.S. Officials Seize Cryptocurrency Accounts Tied to al-Qaeda and ISIS

Agents recouped about $2 million worth of virtual currency in total.

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Telegram Is the Latest Company to File An EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Big-time app developers are piling on to fight against the app store.

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In Yet Another Criticism, Telegram Founder Accuses WhatsApp of Being Part of Surveillance Programmes

Amid mounting pressure on Facebook-owned WhatsApp, rival Telegram's founder Parel Durov has added to his earlier criticism of the messaging service

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What Are Some Of The Problems Faced By Social Media Companies In India

Social media companies have been facing trouble with the Indian government over privacy, data usage and spread of misinformation

7 Simple Ways to Build Your Community on Telegram

If you're using Telegram, there are simple ways to build your following and maximize the utility of the app for your purposes.

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This Startup is Using Chatbots to Tackle The Issue of Healthcare

Bootstrapping is the best thing to have happened to our company

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