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Elizabeth Holmes Is Jailhouse Bound. Disgraced Theranos Founder Begins Prison Sentence

The former Theranos CEO is set to serve 11 years in prison after she was convicted on multiple charges of defrauding investors.

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I Worked Side By Side With Elizabeth Holmes. She Seemed Like a Visionary, but We Were All Duped — and It's a Comfort to See Justice Served.

"Silicon Valley's 'fake it until you make it' mentality. That rhetoric is just a way to condone lying to people."

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'The Mattresses Are As Thick as The Width of a Hand.' And 5 Other Things to Know About Elizabeth Holmes' Prison.

Inside the walls of the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, where the fallen Silicon Valley star is serving an 11-year sentence.


Elizabeth Holmes llegó a tener $4,500 millones de dólares y ahora pasará 11 años en prisión

A partir de este martes, Elizabeth Holmes, fundadora de Theranos, comenzará a cumplir su condena por fraude y conspiración.

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Elizabeth Holmes — Now 'Liz' — 'Giggles' About Her Faux Deep Voice and Recalls 'Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots' in RV Ahead of Trial

The mother of two convicted of multiple fraud charges still thinks she can change the world for the better.

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If Allegations Against Silicon Valley Bank Are True, The Extent of Corporate Fraud Is Even Worse Than Expected — Here's Why and What That Means for You.

Behavioral economist shares best practices for addressing corporate fraud, as well as some real-world examples of how this issue has affected companies.

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What Happened to Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes? Everything from Her Net Worth to Where She Is Now

At the height of her success, Elizabeth Holmes had an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion.

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Elizabeth Holmes Is Living On An Estate That Costs $13,000 A Month In Upkeep While Appealing Prison Sentence

The founder of Theranos, who was sentenced to 11.25 years in prison for charges including wire fraud, is still living large, court documents say.

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Former Theranos President Ramesh 'Sunny' Balwani Gets 13 Years Behind Bars

In July, a jury found Balwani guilty of a multimillion-dollar fraud involving Theranos and its former CEO, Elizabeth Holmes.

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Elizabeth Holmes' Sentencing Hearing Has Been Postponed As Former Theranos CEO Pushes For New Trial

Holmes' legal team succeeding in getting a hearing to review one of its motions for a new trial, delaying sentencing.


Lo que nos enseña la historia de Theranos sobre el lado oscuro de la marca personal

A todos nos encanta una buena historia de puesta en marcha.

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5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Trial

Though the verdict surrounding her wire fraud charge might be debated, what the Theranos founder was indisputably guilty of is a breach of some of the essential ethical codes of business conduct.

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5 lecciones que los emprendedores pueden aprender del ensayo de Elizabeth Holmes Theranos

Aunque el veredicto que rodea su cargo de fraude electrónico podría ser debatido, de lo que la fundadora de Theranos fue indiscutiblemente culpable es de una violación de algunos de los códigos éticos esenciales de conducta empresarial.