Do you need to travel? Discover the perfect destination according to your age

With travel restrictions beginning to decrease and most travelers want to tour the country.

Staycation, the option to take your home office anywhere and be a digital nomad

The Mexican startup Casai merged hotel quality standards with the comforts of an apartment, to offer safe spaces where you can live and work while taking a break from the routine.

Mairem Del Río

6 tips for safe sightseeing

We share some safety tips so you can enjoy your next getaways to the fullest.

'Dracula' will let you get vaccinated for free at his castle in Transylvania

Bran Castle in Transylvania will offer free doses of Pfizer to all tourists.

VIDEO: Thus the hail caused the collapse of the roof of the Templo Mayor

Although the rain was long awaited to combat the drought in the country, the storm caused the fall of the metal structure on the Casa de las Águilas.

Hilton, Marriott, Airbnb and more companies to invest 2.5 billion dollars in tourism in Mexico

Industry giants gather at the WTTC global summit in Cancun to reactivate global tourism.

A Third Wave of Covid-19 Predicted After Easter

Spring break and religious holidays could create an uptick in travel.

This Network of Specialists Offers an Option for Event Planners to Survive the Pandemic

Yo Planner is a network of professionals in the organization of groups, conventions, events and specialized trips that wants to promote tourism event specialists.

They are the billionaires who paid $ 55 million each to be the first space tourists.

The Washington Post reports that the Axiom Mission expects to launch up to two trade missions a year.

Passports That Allow You to Travel to More Countries Without the Need for a Visa

Regarding Latin America, Chile is the country in the region that has the most powerful passport.

Despite the Pandemic, Some Tourist Destinations in Mexico Have Managed to Survive

The tourism industry has been one of the most affected. However, Mexican destinations such as Cancun, Acapulco, CDMX, Vallarta and Oaxaca, have managed to stay active and dominate the networks.

From Design to Hospitality: How to Thrive in a Male-Dominated Industry

Celebrity designer Sarah Baeumler was on vacation when she discovered an abandoned resort and purchased it on a whim. Now she's at the forefront of the Caribbean tourism industry with advice for future hoteliers.

Sarah Austin